Pizza delivery?

You just ordered food, pizza, you’re waiting for the pizza guy to get here, your tracker says they pulled in, you get a knock on your door. You open the door, and somebody has your pizza guy held hostage.

What do you do?


That’s why I look out the window before I open the door.

But what I’d suggest if somebody else encountered that, is to close and lock the door immediately. Retreat away from the door, arm yourself if not, seek a position of tactical advantage, and call 911


I’d first wonder how the hell a pizza guy found my house and who left the field gate open.

In the old days, I would do what Nathan said.


Just ordered pizza and it came to mind.


I do miss pizza delivery though👍🏻


If I am able to close the door I would do so. I would then get flat real fast (my door is not bullet resistant, sadly) and high-crawl toward my weapon. React from there from a position of cover while calling 911.

Thing is, I would have used my Simplisafe to look at the person knocking. No way I would open my door without being situationally aware. Not in this day and age. I always carry my concealed pistol when opening the door to a stranger anyway. After 2020, I trust nobody besides family.


What Nathan said ^^^
I would feel bad for the pizza guy and hope they don’t hurt him, but I am locking up and calling 911 while getting some “protection” ready.


What kind of pizza, and from where?


No food delivery options to my rural house though a neighbor delivers fresh eggs once a week. Guess a really lost criminal could grab the UPS or FedEX driver. I’d see the delivery driver with a stranger through the window and not open the door. Our UPS driver seems like a nice guy but I’m not putting my family at risk for him.

In a more urban setting I think the typical criminal would also assume the person opening the door isn’t going to care about the delivery guy’s life either. They will most likely be bursting through the door with a couple of their buddies the second you open it for the driver.


Ask who gets the tip or if they’d rather split it.


“Go ahead and take him. Just give me my pizza.”


Any deliveries to my door these days, are placed on the ground. When the delivery person has left, I’ll retrieve my package, food or mail. After checking my cameras that surround my home.
Never open the door! Everything can be done online including tipping!
Maintenance people are slightly different and are vetted when they arrive after area is scanned and assessed. I meet them as they pull up and check ID’s. When they pass the polygraph they allowed entry!


If you want the pizza take it.

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Ask’em Now what? Then call 911?

See I would be willing to bet cold hard cash, that the majority here are nowhere as security conscious as I am. I had 3 steel cored doors put in on the accessible doors to my house but they don’t have glass I can see out of. I have Ring doorbells on all 3 doors with an extra hidden camera on each door. But those can be taken out
So I would still need to see.

So i have 2 doors blocked and on the front door I added a security door with bullet proof glass. So I would stand there, snap a couple of pictures, call the police and be as good a witness as I could. Because…

  1. How do I know that’s really the pizza guy being held hostage and not just an accomplice pretending to be a hostage?

  2. I definitely have my wife behind me, maybe even my daughter. So what earthly reason could I have to open my door? I might try to keep him talking long enough for PD to get there. But that’s it.

That door has a mail slip through that is big enough to take a pizza.

Now if you are holding my wife or daughter hostage. I AM taking that shot because statistics for women taken to a second crime scene are not good.


Metal screen door is the key.


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I have a camera at the door and on the driveway so, I will know something is wrong by looking on my camera. I do check my camera before I even go out to get any packages that have been delivered. I am also carrying my EDC on me so with that I will be armed anyway. If I saw someone with a gun, I would call 911 and stall them with my old man voice and tell them I am on my way, but I am slow and disabled (lies) then wait for the Leo to show up. The German Shepard barking might deter them from trying to come in too!
An ounce of prevention keeps you from getting pounded!


Washing machine?
Gun safe?

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Kitchen island. There is furniture between it and the door as well. It’s not perfect but should stop most hangun rounds.

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I actually have a kitchen Island made of steel and marble set up at the top of the stairs, sort of like an entry table to put keys on but it is on casters. The stairs are the only way up to the living area. So I can use it as cover and if enough get in. I will just push it down on them.

They can then deal with a 300 pound obstacle coming down on them or stand there while I still defend my wife, and home.

Can someone smash their way in? Of course they can. But I am going to do my best to make sure it costs them as much as possible and make it as difficult as possible.

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