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Is there a law in New York that prohibits building a firearm for your own personal use? I started an AR pistol build and I’m being told our permitting office here in Oneida County does not allow citizens to build a firearm.

The exact words I was from our permitting official were “What authorizes you permission to build a firearm?” I thought federal law says you can build for yourself but required a license to build for sale.

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You are correct that Federal Law allows you to “build” a firearm for your own personal use, I have no idea about NY laws.

My question would be are you actually “building” the lower receiver say from an 80%, or are you taking a stripped lower and “assembling” your pistol? If your state allows you to buy a stripped lower then (to quote a phrase) “You didn’t build that.”



I am purchasing a stripped lower that can be assembled into a pistol. In NY to register a pistol I must define make model caliber barrel length with receipt from the ffl. Caliber and barrel length can be “multi”. Since it is just a frame, my FFL does not provide that information with the sale.