Hidden in Plain Sight:PROTECT YOURSELF

"The sins of some are obvious, reaching the place of judgment ahead of them; the sins of others trail behind them. In the same way, good deeds are obvious, and even those that are not obvious cannot remain hidden forever."
1 Timothy 5:24-25
New International Version

Have you ever heard the cliche that some things just can’t be made up? Well that holds true when it comes to this story and you need to just sit back in your comfy seat and take a sip of your morning, mocha, frappuccino grande with a double shot of espresso poured on top and thank your lucky stars. If you are wondering where this is going don’t worry we will make it there but we need to visit a few facts first and maybe make this relevant in your own lives. Have you ever had somebody dislike you for… Heck! For nothing, they just don’t like you because you sit on the wrong side of political issues are maybe you are an outspoken human -
being, and some even because you just rub them the wrong way! Whatever the case, some people just are not going to like you and it’s a fact we all have or will face.

Humans will always find ways to make themselves more survivable regardless of the times or seasons. The same applies in the criminal aspect of thinking or terminology. People as a species have gone from pit-to-palace in an almost insurmountable way thus forsaking their awakening or calling therefore, have gone off the beaten path and found themselves in a Star Wars type scenario, where Anikan was given the choice of the force or the dark side. Although this was just a movie it holds its truth in real life. People have been given incredible talent but what they do with it remains up to themselves. In other words, you can’t make a person who is good at electricity and all its different aspects work at AEP! They could be paid bucket loads of money to-do-so but instead have chosen to use this same talent for the darkside. They found themselves backed into a corner and possibly starving, with mouths to feed at home and when approached to do the wrong thing, then it became a regular thing. Before you know it, this good human being chose easy money and all the wrongs given there than to use that same gift to better improve our society. So where am I going with this and how does it have anything to do with self-defense? I’ll tell you…

Guard yourself from ANY person, regardless of affiliation or relationship that comes in and out of your home! Comcast/Xfinity has some rogue employees that have gone off the deep end and I’ve become a victim! The rather concerning or even major issue is that they have been so skilled at what they do until the point of you as a person thinking you’re insane. However, I tell you to be assured that despite where this investigation has led, I have a physician that makes it quite clear that my family and I are sain healthy, all-around normal human beings. But there’s one problem…

Where is the police?
Some of you may recall, I had some previous issues with law enforcement showing up. Well, that’s just it. When you try to call 9-1-1 you’re not calling emergency services and in fact you’re not calling anybody that will save your life at all! You my friend are calling the perpetrators or masterminds behind the whole ordeal! Here is something that may interest you, When you dial anybody of importance or purpose…You get all the right signs that you are calling this corporation or whatnot but when they answer all the red-flags appear. For example, I’ve been unable to get a hold of my school. Worse, I think somebody is playing like me. I know many of you are like, well why not just prove your identity. That’s just it, even if I were able to get a hold of my school the person has all my financial and identification information. How do I know? I caught the second “tech” from Comcast in my dead-gum financials!

I did not say anything about it but was going to handle the issue with top, offices, but am still blocked. My only way of communication was mail. Well you’re not going to believe this…


I mean, any and all things you could think have been covered by these thugs. Looks like I pissed all the wrong people off, right? They have done so much in my life that if I were to really get into detail I”m almost certain you would think I was totally insane and was having a mental break-down! However, I rest my case with four other victims I’ve found in this neighborhood as well the insurmountable loads of forensic and [or] digital evidence I have against them.

The detectives still never came to investigate the electric somebody is stealing from my home. My guess is two things, they don’t believe this story or one of my prime suspects’ father is actually an SPD detective. Regardless, I’m screwed

Well, my battery is dying and all power is still out, If you have any advice or ways I can get help please drop it below! My family and I or in dyer need help! I appreciate it in advance and do pray for your health during these times!


Brother I’m going to be praying for you and you need to get out of Shreveport, LA. There are other places on this planet you can reside in. Look into VA it’s pretty nice here. But then again with this pandemic everywhere you go it’s a roll of the dice. God bless you brother and you are covered with the blood of JESUS and no weapon formed against you shall prosper.


You are very right brother!

Hey! I would love it there! My school is there!

But one thing is for sure…WE ARE MOVING! Not set on where but I’m putting means together right now. U-hauls will be in this driveway soon! I will keep you updated bro!

I do appreciate all your prayer and support, friend! I declare that with you! I’m JESUS name!


I recommend slipping away swiftly in the middle of the night under cover of darkness, then rig the place to blow! Just sayin’
Make darn sure you are never tailed, tradecraft, tradecraft never take the same route twice!
VA, GA, and FLA are all great places for young families! I hear the Dakotas are nice this time of year!


I’m thinking about doing that brother @Scott52!!

Like mission impossible around here!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


Brother, you are a victim of stalking, and stalkers don’t quit. I know because I, like you, have been gang stalked for over two years now. Besides praying for you, I’d like to research similar cases to yours, and see what information I can gather.
In my case, I filed a report with my local police department in the event of an event.
Technology is neutral, and in the right hands, does good things; in the wrong hands, we see how that ball rolls. Just like guns, right?


What is gang-stalking?

One thing is certain…
I do get followed around. I’ve made a habit of taking routes to make sure. And sure enough…

How come you have been a victim so long of this “gang-stalking” and the police have not done anything. Especially with you being a woman, no offense are anything.


Gang stalking is primarily through technological means, which is why I don’t have social networks anymore, except for YouTube under pseudonyms, or music business names.
Gang stalkers can attack from any part of the world because of technology. IP addresses are difficult to track because “expert” hackers “bounce” their signals to anywhere. Juridictions cross into different countries, so help is not forthcoming.
I don’t discuss it much, but I know that I, too, am being followed. Like you, brother, I know it, and am always ready, alert, and able. I am concerned more about you. You have no protection from what is being done to you. Before you relocate, perhaps you can file a report with the Postal Inspector’s Office. They can watch where your mail goes, and who’s absconding with your mail. I stand with you.



I wonder what the hell I’ve done too have this “crime” done unto me. Well, it’s good too know.

I’ll be keeping in touch. I would like to know more info.


You have done nothing to deserve this, dear brother! We all have the capacity for evil. Some evil people simply capitalize on that capacity. We all stand with you!

th (18)


Thank you sister @Taina!

I needed to be reminded that. Sometimes we feel like we deserve such evil but that’s not true! Thank you for giving me strength and encorugment!




In all seriousness… What? I’ve only heard of this by way of a documentary called “GANG STALKING.” I didn’t know what to make of it. I cannot just dismiss someone as crazy because their reality doesn’t match mine. The spirit world is more real than the physical, and there are battles between good & evil going on all around us.

I don’t know your faith @Randall318 but you should declare a fast in your household. This crap you’re suffering through may be perpetrated by men but it’s rooted in spiritual wickedness. As my grandma says “the enemy is busy.”

Wow man… :pray:t5::v:t5:


I think you are right.

A fast would be great! I’ve never heard of this “gang stalking” either until @Taina said something.

Regardless, It will end, IN JESUS NAME!


Sadly, I found substantial evidence that that purp was A LOT closer than first imagined. Matter of fact…They posed as a friend…

The only one I had…


As you know, dear brother, I am Apache. Without my knowledge, my own peoples (i.e. Indigenous from various tribes, though some not Indigenous at all) have been cyberstalking me, and my family, for about three years.No one can help me. They know where I live, they hijacked a website I no longer own, or have access to… and on, and on.
I could only report the incident, and hope that nothing happens to warrant a self-defense situation.
Honestly, I feel extremely vulnerable, yet, I stand ready… just in case. Disheartening, to say the least.


I hate you have endured this for so long.

If this is just the start for me…
I don’t know what to say, then BRING IT!

Maybe that should not be my attitude, but idk what else to to.

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End results: One individual who operated under “Dare and Associates” was the perp…

This was a private investigator who was seeking out debts I owed. My lawyer found the tactics used we’re unethical and even flat evil. Make no mistake, this PI lost his licence( or will when it’s all said and done).


I’m glad for you brother @Randall318 and this is a step in the right direction.


I’m not deeply religious, however as most of you folks know the Israelis got there state in 48 & a generation is 120 years(?) So the evil in men is bound to get worse, only time will tell. Good luck to all…wish you well…