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As a responsibly armed American and protector, you already know how challenging it can be to stay up to date on gun laws…

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When I lived in HI a few years ago, all firearms, not just handguns, had to be registered. I know that was true on Oahu and believe it was state wide. Has that changed?

Doesn’t look like it, @Albert13:

All firearms and ammunition must be registered with the chief of police of the county of one’s place of business, one’s residence or one’s place of sojourn (temporary place of lodging). The minimum age to apply for a permit is 21 years old.

You can find the complete laws here:

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Just got off Tim’s video. Valuable info as always. Thanks for what you
folks are doing.
The reason for my original post was when I looked at the piece on your
site about Hawaii gun laws, it appeared that only handguns needed to be
registered. You may want to have someone look at the wording. I may
have misread it or read something into it that wasn’t there, but it may
be worth checking.

I think I know where you were reading, @Albert13, it may have been an area about concealed carry which would be why it said handguns. I’ll talk to our legal guru and let her know that it came across confusing.

Thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate it!!

Happy to have been of assistance.