Having trouble with the app....?

For the last couple of days the uscca app has been crashing on me when I want to read an article.

I didn’t think this was an app. Just a phone friendly website. I think they are designing an app now. @Dawn ?

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phone friendly website -> Community
app -> USCCA

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No issues with app on my phone at all for a long time… (Android 10)

We did have website issues this weekend, @Roberto. That might be part of the issue.

Are you referring to the actual USCCA App or the Community?

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The actual app.

My phone won’t handle the application either.

Hmmm… Mine comes up right now.

Can you let me know what model phone and operating system you’re using? I’ll let the tech gurus here know and ask them to work their magic!

Time to change the phone… :wink::yum:
No issue here, I’m using the app all the time.

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First “magic” I’d suggest is to reboot the phone.
Second “magic” is to remove app and install it again.
Next step… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking: … have a new phone :wink:

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You are correct…

I have a Galxey 6 active… Its a 2014 phone :rofl::rofl:


Don’t expect all your apps working on this phone then… No “magic” is gonna help here… Go and buy something with Android 9/10 :pray:

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Abra Kadabra! Poooof!

Aww shux! You are right! :rofl::rofl:
When ever I get some extra funds I’m intending on doing so!

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I’ve let the team here know, they’ll take a look… digging up a Galaxy 6 to test may be difficult :rofl:


@Dawn You might find a few in the junkyard :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’ve been complaining about this for months now. Can look at my records. Been told so many times that we will have tech look at or we will call and see if we can resolve issues. 0 call back. Still have issues with the app.

I really hate it as I can really only interact on public forum, without a truly ridiculous work around.

Oh and I have Android 10, a current generation phone, have deleted and restored the app, and rebooted phone.

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I have a Moto 6 and updated to android 9. I also have both apps on my phone. And have had no problems with either.

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Since I’ve put the community app on my phone no issues whatsoever.
It’s while using other USCCA application that gives trouble.

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