Happy Veteran's Day - November 11, 2022!

Blessed is our nation that have men and women that will sacrifice themselves for the values and ideals of our Republic. Regardless of area of occupational specialty or assignment, the fact remains that everyone that dons our country’s uniform is susceptible to making contact with the enemy to maintain our freedom and our way of life. They stand up for our Flag (which bears 50 stars, and thirteen stripes), for what it symbolizes. And by their voluntary service, they put into practice and therefore demonstrate their commitment to this symbol which represents a people, a nation, and her ideals; they defend Freedom - freedom to move, freedom to sit still, freedom to stand up or to stay seated during the playing of the National Anthem, or Hail to the Chief, freedom to voice one’s own opinion, freedom to speak truth to power without fear of intimidation; freedom to practice what one believes, freedom to keep and bear arms, and the freedom to govern their own affairs, etcetera.

But this freedom comes at a cost: The courage and strength and vigilance and devotion to duty of our young men and women (Veteran’s) both in uniform and out of uniform - guard against anything and every aggressor (may they be foreign or domestic) that would attempt to dissolve the freedom to impugn that which would threaten this freedom through and/or by acts of tyranny, treason, or terrorism.

So precious is the gift of life, but they gladly and dutifully lay it on the altar of Freedom - so that we may travel where we want, say what we want, moan, grown, gripe and complain as much as we want, choose on our own accord, have barbeques and picnics, take cruises without fear, visit other states without having to show papers at checkpoints, and for many, many other reasons that words can narrowly describe or adequately express the intended magnitude of our appreciation. Whether you are in uniform or out of uniform, may you be the family member of a loved one who met their fate, left it all at the office, gave the full measure of their devotion for us, a grateful nation: I salute you, and I thank you for your service. Happy Veteran’s Day!