Happy Summer - Letting the fresh air in!

I LOVE sleeping with my windows open. It was great when I had a two story home and didn’t even have to think about the windows being open on the second floor away from anything that could be a makeshift ladder.

Now that I have a ranch home and my room is on the ground level, I had to figure out how to sleep with my windows open safely. There are all sorts of locking mechanisms available for windows these days. Here are two I found on Amazon after a very quick search.

Double hung windows image
Casement windows image

My windows have locks built into them so they can only open about 2", which is just fine with me for a good nights sleep. Yes, they can be broken, but by the time it’s broken and someone’s trying to get through the window, they’ll be in for a surprise as the woman who lives there is armed with a pitbull, german shepherd, two attack cats, a 6’4" biker boyfriend and a Sig.

What precautions do you take around the house to enjoy the great weather of summer?