Gunsmithing school

Looking for gunsmithing classes.

Because of work, would be best for online learning rather than in person, especially as closest school is a 2 hour drive. There were several online courses.

Two questions:
Can you really learn online? Gunsmithing seems very “hands-on, and
Any comments, pro or con on any internet gunsmithing classes. Thanks


SDI (Sonoran Desert Institute)

Most gun tubers on YouTube, get sponsorship from SDI. So pick your favorite gun tuber off YouTube to give them a hand as they get you a discount.

They send you all the tools you need.

You have as good a chance to learn online as in a class.

I learn better in a class myself.


Rocco, I think everything pertains to your best learning style. I bought the American gunsmithing courses and they have been very helpful. They were a DVD series with test questions. I’m better at hands on under supervision though. I feel that they were good for a hobbyist.

I don’t know what your goal is so it’s a bit of a toss up. Necessary equitment costs Ie: lathe, milling machine, bluing tanks cerakote equipment etc. I think if your goal is to become a gunsmith then I feel a gunsmithing school would be preferable. You might try asking a local gunsmith if he needed any help before you commit. Just my thoughts, best luck


I agree with @Zavier_D
SDI is one of the schools I see most advertised on YouTube by tubers. HIKOK 45 is sponsored by SDI and he speaks good about it.


I agree with this in 100%:

Whenever I took online class I felt I never learned as much as I could.
Additionally online courses are made with lower requirements to not discourage participants…

Anyway…if this gunsmith work will be for yourself and your firearms, any type of class would work.
If you plan to do gunsmith work for people… go with highest standard to get the best knowledge.


I agree with all of the posts thus far which points to another point of consideration. People have different learning styles (as stated). This type of learning would likely attract people that learn best individually, while others may need a crowd. Some others may be “hands on” or tactile or kinetic learners, others may be visual or hearers, while yet others may be intellectual, technical, or scientific, as well as those that may possess a little of all to some degree; as for me, if it adds value, I’m good with it. Sometimes I want to be in the crowd and learn through argument and practical application exercises, while at other times I’m quiet and visual and allow no room for competing thoughts. Depends on what I’m trying to achieve, and the best way to get it to stick. For me that is… LOL, sometimes I can’t read without pictures, lol. And sometimes pictures with no commentary have me totally confused. :confounded:


There is one of the leading Gunsmithing schools in Troy NC, Montgomery Community College.


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