Gun Safes and Children

Do your kids know where your safe is? At what age do you tell them how to get into the safe?

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Our safe would be kinda hard to miss… yes, they know. The great grandbaby is six, she’s got the gun safety thing down but its going to be a while before she gets access to the safe. Still, it’ll probably be well before she gets to start dating at the age of 30. :laughing:


I have a 15 years old daughter and twin girls that are 7 years and all 3 know exactly where the safe is located but only the 15 year old my wife and I have access to the safe for now. I constantly teach my kids safety and the dangers of firearms if not used properly or placed in the hands of evil people.


I have three safes (separate for firearms and ammo) in our house. My 17 year old know how to access the safes and use the handgun safely.

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My babies are a 26 yo girl now an attorney in Chicago and a 24 yo Marine now in college in NW Ohio. He knows the combinations. She doesn’t care to. Both are trained, him more than her.

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