Gun safe but which one?

Actually have thought that an old refridgerator / freezer with a lock would make a good safe or ammo storage. There are many options as well for locking cabinets and other furniture designed for locking up and staging firearms.

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That might work to keep curious kids out or maybe a smash and grab thief who is in a very big hurry. But a pry bar or hammer would have that open in less than 30 seconds. My original “safe” was a stack on locking cabinet. I still use it for ammo but a determined person could get into it with a couple minutes effort. You can get sturdy locking tool boxes at hardware stores that might provide a little more protection.


as my dad used to say: a pad lock only keeps honest ppl honest.

been searching online for a safe and it looks like I might have to have a made in China model. The weekend is coming up and will go to the box stores around me and see what they have. don’t have any dealers close to me.