Gun mythes?

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the Uvalde and Buffalo shootings, two mass shootings that left over 30 people dead. Remembering the victims of last May’s horrific events has been punctuated by the most recent mass shooting this month in Allen, Texas – the state’s deadliest since the Uvalde massacre. Acknowledging the anniversaries of mass shootings, even as fresh tragedies continue to occur, has become part of the rhythm that accompanies America’s deadly gun culture.

By now it has become painfully clear that we cannot rely on policy alone to stop this epidemic. We must think differently about this problem and attack the root of the issue: the myth that guns make us safer. Today most Americans believe this myth, which lies at the core of our deadly gun culture, and it’s leading more and more Americans to buy guns. The gun lobby and its enablers have long pushed the myth that only a so-called good guy with a gun could stop a bad guy with a gun. As the bodies have piled up, however, gun advocates have only expanded the universe of armed good guys — from teachers to now grandparents.

In truth, all these guns are not making us safer, and study after study has shown that homes with guns have more gun violence. While mass shootings grab the headlines, everyday gun violence caused by the decision to keep guns at home is equally devastating.

The rate of teen suicides using a gun nearly doubled between 2010—2020.

Kelsey Amanda McDuffie was 17 years old when the handgun her friend was cleaning discharged and killed her. Siblings Sakendra, Sakenya, and Sakenlo Steele were 9, 12, and 14 when their mother shot and killed them in their own home. Rosalinda Martinez was just 8 months old when a gun went off during a domestic dispute and ended her life.

Last month alone, 147 kids under 18 were killed by guns, not including suicides which typically are not reported in the media. Data show that the rate of teen suicides using a gun nearly doubled between 2010 and 2020.

And yet the gun industry and gun lobby continue to perpetuate the myth that guns keep us safe.

In the last two decades, billions of dollars have been spent to lobby for tougher gun laws, elect “gun safety candidates,” produce new research, mobilize grassroots supporters, promote community-based solutions, and on and on. And each of these tactics has resulted in some victories against the gun lobby: elections won, laws passed, research released, supporters activated and increased support for community-based solutions. And yet, despite these signs of progress, we cannot claim success. Gun violence has only gotten worse, even in many states that passed stronger gun laws. To be sure, extreme partisanship and a hostile Supreme Court are part of the reason this progress has not been more impactful.

But there’s more to it: In the last 20 years, organizations working to reduce gun violence have largely avoided the gun lobby’s main talking point – the myth that guns make us safer. And in that time, more Americans are going armed and more are dying by guns.

Changing this belief won’t be easy. The polarized nature of this issue means most voting-age adults are unwilling to change their views on guns. However, young people’s views on guns are still forming, and there is reason to believe that they can be the ones to shift the narrative and reverse the trends.

This is an extremely personal issue for young people. Firearms have become the leading cause of death for children and teens, and young people have grown up with normalized lockdowns and active shooter threats. Gen Z ranks gun violence as a bigger problem than climate change or abortion access.

This generation — often called the “lockdown generation” — is uniquely positioned to change gun culture. They utilize and understand social media platforms better than anyone and are often the ones driving the creation and adoption of new cultural trends.

Nearly half of young people told researchers they wanted more information about the risks of gun use but didn’t know where to go for information. By providing teens with the data and having honest conversations about the realities of gun violence, we can help the next generation create a new culture regarding guns and reject the belief that guns make them safer.

At Project Unloaded we’ve seen firsthand that this approach to cultural change is viable. Through a positive, fact-based social media campaign we saw nearly 20% of teens shift their views against gun ownership after receiving simple messages on gun risks.

What is your intent with this post sir? Do you agree with it or are you showing us the opposition’s rhetorical tactics?


No I do NOT AGREE with this sewage it is twisted
Part Truths and 100% waste that I would not feed it to the hogs.


Please be aware of the lies on gun control. I am very
sorry that our children are committing suicide, they need a true parent to help. Drugs and alcohol
will not fix any problem.


** I don’t have a gun so it’s not my fault and not my problem**. That is the thinking. There are almost 400,000,000 guns in this country that haven’t committed murder. How can they blame it on the gun? Rhetorical question. When a murder is committed and somebody stops the murderer, how do you count how many lives have been saved? It is impossible. We cannot prove it, and they want proof. How many times was a murder not committed, because the murderer didn’t think he could get away with it because he would be shot. One cannot count that. It is a Democrat agenda to reduce guns. They want to reduce gun violence. One cannot reduce gun violence until they first reduce criminal gun violence, but that cost money. It takes training and the will to do it. All the blame in the world will not get it done. It takes love and that is difficult.

Edit- I am not a Christian. I heard this on the program. Criminal Minds the other day. John, 13:34. A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.


LOL, not in the least. I seriously doubt those that commit these acts are acknowledging these anniversaries.

If you are going to post an anti-rights column, you should at least reference the source, Salon.


I posted to give a chance of awareness. I am apart
of USCCA and it’s purpose, 7 years. I want people to know that for 2.5 years it has been hell. I apologize to you, sir.


It’s not an issue to post non-sense from those that have anti-rights agendas, but for clarity, and so as to not plaguerize, you need to cite the source. It was clear to me by the writing style those were not your words. I was wondering where you found that clap-trap, so I queried and found the source.


I thought not @William_H . Thank you for clarifying it for me sir.

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Clarity !!! I will not fight you or argue, the information is as bad as Colorado and the demands for 25,000
mothers to protest and march to get support BAN ALL GUNS. People think they know everything and I was warned to stay clear of the unprofessional and rude behaviors. You like to smart off not wise.

This video has been shared before, but it’s a good watch if you have a spare 15 minutes.
BLUF: most of the so-called statistics on gun control and gun crimes are rubbish.
Do Studies Show Gun Control Works? - ReasonTV


Thank you for your information and help. There is a great concern of sharing to much information and
I surrender. With this much information the truth can get drawn out of proportions. You are a great help.


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My replies were none of the such. I was stating that people would mistake your post as your words or your opinion. Citing the source makes clear that, at minimum, those are not your words, and you are then not plaguerizing someone else’s writing. Knowing your writing style, it was clear to me that those were not your words - that is not an insult, unprofessional, nor rude. I am forthright and truthful, which at times may be off-putting to those of a more tender skin.


Really? It’s hard to believe that teens don’t know where to go for information about the dangers of guns, and that providing them with such information will matter at all.

By design, guns are dangerous tools. Anyone who does not know that can’t be educated. People own them for a variety of reasons – self defense, defense against a tyrannical government, hunting, recreational shooting, etc.

A huge social problem is the belief that violence and killing is an acceptable means of conflict resolution. Our society’s heros are soldiers and armed government agents who are depicted in films, video games and TV as resorting to violence and killing to solve some problem or resolve some dispute. In contrast, our society’s “zeros” are people like lawyers who resolve disputes with words in legal settings. Reverse that social problem.



I was not smarting off to you sir. Not at all. I was actually trying to be respectful and cordial. That was my intent. If you read it again, you will see that I am agreeing with you.


Lol, that is terrific.


The article I copied and pasted you are blaming me for writing it. You are the ones that picking a fight. I will ask for help with the Administrators. Those articles
posted on the internet to destroy our Constitution
and our rights. Help stop these old lies and
STOP condemning me. This Community is a benefit to
us all from USCCA, not a place to abuse and destroy

Please use your energies to stop the illegal anti gun
Propaganda. Not USCCA Members. The End no more



I accidentally made a mistake and forgive me, please.


No worries sir. Nothing to forgive. Have a nice evening.