Gun Meme of the Day: Unexpected Guests Edition


I like that !!

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NRA Version: ALWAYS keep all guns unloaded until ready to use.

Why isn’t it loaded?
It is supposed to be ready to use for home defense.

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The NRA are crazy to even say that my carry weapons are always racked and stacked to go

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I’ve never really understood their position on that for exactly that reason. If I need a gun, I need it right now, with no delay. If I have to take the time to load my gun, it is of no use to ne at all.

Better to keep it on me rather than locked away in a book, too.


Unless locked in my safe, it is “ready to be used”!

LordD, I think you may have misinterpreted the NRA rule. If a gun is positioned for self- or home -defense, whether on your body in a holster, on the table next to you, or pre-positioned in a hidden location in the home, it is “ready to use” and should be loaded, round in the chamber. This is the NRA teaching.
I think what some folks confuse is safe storage of guns, which, when stored, should be unloaded. The cross-over comes when home defense guns are hidden arond the house. Those are not in storage, they are “ready to use.” However, the nature of how they are hidden opens the discussion of locked, quick release boxes or furniture, or simply in a false box like the OP photo. And that, of course should be driven by the context of your home. Kid in the home (children, grandchildren, neighbors, then just hidden is not good enough.


Ah. That makes sense. Thank you.