Gun Control vs Bullet Control?

Right now there might be other factors, but I’m wondering if this might be part of what’s contributing to shortages now. Certainly a lot of new owners in the market. Still, the timing, the political threats, actions in sundry states. It makes you wonder. I’ve started buying up anything I can in my calibers. I soon may have more ammo than I have room for guns in my safe.

That reaction on the part of a great many has contributed much to the shortage. I too discovered that to maintain regular practice, and still have a minimal number of rounds on stand-by, that I had under appreciated just how many rounds one uses up maintaining regular practice. And now even hand loading has been affected. It’s not just loaded ammunition, but bullets, and especially primers, that have likewise become virtually unobtainable. The biggest factors I have seen blamed for the recent shortage is the virus pandemic, and stock-up buying.

The frustrating part is that we can’t know, and we can’t fall for assuming things we don’t actually know just because we know of the dishonesty being used. I’m afraid we “live and let live” types are being cornered by the “everybody has to think and live as we do” type people, so we are going to have to stand up, be counted, and fight for every life to matter one as much as another. Then maybe we will find out what really happened.


Remember the various attempts to serialize ammo? This is an article from 2016, but I know there have been other goes at it Age Verification - NRA

So basically somebody could pick up your range brass, scatter some at a crime scene, and you become a suspect :-1:

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Oh that could never happen. There are safeguards. :grimacing:

Reminds me of how a guy was being interviewed because of a “tip” the police received, then it slipped that the tipster WAS the police! Who knew the police could just tip themselves , and , by the way, about those red flag laws…

Now there’s on that can’t be misused. So glad my states legislature is pro-gun. At least up til now.

“…Guarantee they have lawyers night and day sitting around the table trying to come up with reasons and ways to get rid of our second amendment or at lease hinder our ability to enact our second amendment.”

I bet it’s probably a fairly good possibility that every one of those politically-driven lawyers are carrying, or maybe even have armed protection. Just my opinion. :slight_smile:


You are not being paranoid.
California already has Ammo Registration on the books ( I left there almost a year ago) If you are in their system they run the backround and it cost a dollar ( I think) for each purchase. AS I understand it if you do not have a weapon of that caliber then get ready. All your firearms need to be registered in the state. IF you are not in their system the check is $19.00. This check is is much the same as buying a weapon. I remember they had lots of problems with the system before I left, Same guy that designed DMV’s system set this one up. (Joking)

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ANYTIME that 2A legislation is passed that requires you to put your name and other identifying information on a form you should be worried. Currently the libs have no idea about reloading and I want them to stay that way. Manufactured ammo is now the new “Saturday Night Special” along with mag bans, and all other manner of things that have no impact on crime just inconvenience to gun owners. Some day the libs will discover that primers are explosive and gun powder is bad and the legislation will ensue. I wonder where the pro 2A Billionaires are? VA got lambasted in the last election that is one off from a regular election. I think there were north of 20 uncontested Dem counties . In these Dem controlled cities why are the Repub’s not forwarding their own candidates. If there is no alternative there will be no change. Bloobmberg gave us the road map and it worked.



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Great question. Why is it when the system that made you rich, provides you more than you could ever spend in a thousand lifetimes you turn to the destruction of the country that gave you that. Soros, Bloomberg, Congress, are heavily guarded by guns, but will deny that right to safety to the people that made them rich. Traitors pure and simple IMO.

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They could. California has tried: microserialized brass.
Even today however, people know if the economy tanks, paper is no good, and the credit system goes offline in an EMP? ammo will substitute as hard currency. Last, what with the huge (I mean Huge!) number of firearms in possession in the U.S.? Do you really think we’re short on ammo? * really? *
/I’ll just shake my head over here quietly.

A lot of guns and other arms. Aside from what is stockpiled by those owners, we can see the shortages in the stores now, it wouldn’t be hard to amplify that shortage. Always keep your basic load on hand.

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I’ll agree with you on the focus of fear buying by the newcomers today, making the retail shelves and case vendors on the net run box to box.

But, I’ve seen this behavior for 30 years now and it’s still possible to see a tremendous in-hand stock during the lulls when everyone stops to take a breath and the government fully stocks military loads up. Prices go down, but never back to what they were but they do. And we buy to be sure, stash it somewhere not with our training gear, and forget about it again - until the cycle comes full circle again.

As others mention above, and I hesitate to repeat it for fear of ‘human nature’ - learn to reload, cast if you can, and stock what you think keeps you solvent.


@Michael554, paranoid? Not at all. Remember the last two year of the previous Administration? They purchased over a billion rounds of ammunition, plus firearms, for agencies with no need for such things, like the IRS, SBA, HHS, and DOE. And silencers for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The impact of this purchase was chilling … it dried up the civilian market.

Couple that with their comment that, “We cannot continue to rely on our military … we’ve got to have a civilian security force just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded,” and I would say your paranoia is not paranoia at all.

Our 2A rights are slipping away before our very eyes.


No, they do not actually believe that; they only tell you that is what they believe. The evidence of their real belief is in the laws they pass. They do not believe in the RKBA and will do anything, legal and illegal, to abolish our inalienable rights.

Supplying those non-military forces with ammunition that the military cannot use due to the Geneva convention prohibition on hollow-point rounds. So who would they be using those rounds on? That was even more chilling.


@Dave17, exactly. Historically, moves like this have never ended well for the Good Guys. Looks a lot like the Sturmabteilung, Red Guards, or Khmer Rouge. Terrifying indeed, both in future implication and denying us Good Guys our constitutional rights.