Guess who is at fault for car theft?

A shining example of liberal logic! We’ve see this before though with gun manufacturers.


That actually makes a lot of sense. Blame in inanimate object for the theft and crimes committed after the theft. We’ve all heard of “Rage Against The Machine”, well here we see it in action.


What irks me is if someone takes your sarcasm as truth given the realm of this. IDK maybe it’s me.


These days, it sucks to be an editor for The Babylon Bee. Whatever satire turns into fact a day later.


Yea, I hope people recognize that I am a pretty cynical guy when it comes to stupidity.


Yes Sir, I just read this…

Almost speechless (ALMOST!) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Guns Kill
Cars MAKE people steal them.
Everything causes cancer in California.
Limit yourselves to (1)…maybe (2) beers/drinks a week.
and MY personal favorite of ALL time: …wait for it!

This administration is disgusting.


May I make a small edit here?
The government is disgusting.


While the blame should mostly fall on the thieves I wouldn’t leave a car manufacturer who designs a lock system that 10 and 11 year olds can easily defeat with a USB cord completely off the hook. That’s kinda like saying “people shouldn’t steal so cars and houses shouldn’t come with locks on their doors.”

Pretty much all the other car manufactures were putting engine disablers in their cars during this timeframe but KIA and Hyundai thought they could increase their profits by saving a few dollars per car by not adding the part. I’m pretty sure even most ancient cars without disablers aren’t this easy to steal.

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I am the same way, (cynical) I can’t keep up with it. On the other hand I have compassion for people who do stupid things. Story of my life.

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Sorry Rock, gotta disagree with you here. Leaving my car unlocked, windows down, keys in ignition switch and running does not make car theft any more to blame than on the scum bag bastard that thinks it’s OK to take my stuff.


Same Same to me brother,


If I left my car on a street in an urban area with the windows down and the keys in the ignition and the engine running and it got stolen I would blame myself first. The world has plenty of dishonest people. It is pretty foolish to count on their moral judgements to keep ourselves and our stuff safe.

I also would expect given the history of auto theft that a manufacturer would have a reasonably effective locking system at the very least good enough to keep a child from easily driving off with the vehicle. I have a Hyundai without this easy theft “feature” and it worries me that some dumb thief won’t realize it until after they have smashed my window. If I had known of this issue with other Hyundais when I was car shopping I wouldn’t have bought it.

It’s a horrible design that puts all Hyundai and KIA owners at risk.

It sucks that we live in a world with criminals but we do. Reasonable precautions should be taken to at least make it a little difficult for them to succeed in taking our stuff. If crime didn’t pay so easily we might have a few less criminals.

Gentlemen and ladies I need your assistance.

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Thank you brothers.

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I hate sleazy companies who do shoddy work and then stiff you with the bill! Unfortunately I don’t know any good lawyers.

Hope you find a good one who is able to put the screws to them! Good luck!


Yet, people will vote for them, dead or alive.

Would you convict and imprison yourself, for the crime of tempting the car thief with you vehicle?

By same token, should the city sue women for not covering themselves head to toe in black, thus causing all the expenses for rape investigation and incarceration of rapists?


Should they sue the car manufacturer when it is used to kill people in a parade?


No but I would be the one paying the price in lost time and money dealing with the theft.

If people keep making themselves easy targets they will eventually be targeted. Which is why I pay attention to my surroundings, train to defend myself, carry self defense tools when allowed and lock my doors (when I pay for a lock I expect it to take more than a USB cord to open!).

And yes it is the criminals fault I need to do all that. But pointing out they are to blame won’t stop bad things from happening to me and my family if I don’t take reasonable precautions to deter their crimes.

Imagining a world where criminals suddenly decide to follow the law is the same magical thinking anti self defense folks use when imagining a magically violence free world once all guns magically disappear.

So wait, if a car as manufactured, lacks sophisticated anti-theft device, but the owner installs a pit bull that jumps out and shreds the thief’s behind - is the owner blameless now?


Engine disablers and locks that require more than a tiny piece of metal to open are hardly sophisticated anti theft devices. Decent locks have been around for a very long time and I remember the disablers being around in the 80s. I think the vast majority of auto manufactures have been using them for the past couple decades. Hyundai and Kia intentionally left them out to increase profits knowing that made their vehicles much easier to steal than others.

I wish someone else had noticed and made this info available before the tiktokers figured it out. Even though my vehicle doesn’t have the quick and easy theft feature I wouldn’t have purchased a vehicle that thieves assume is an easy target if I had known that in advance.