Grandparents fight off carjackers as grandkids were in back


Two comments:
Pay attention and profile people!

This is passed in the story as a carjacking, but we know kidnap pays a lot more than a car. Sadly, child trafficking has come to this country.


Profiling pays dividends.


PROFILING, did someone say PROFILING :question:
Holy crap, I’ve been, incensed, triggered, knocked out of my safe zone and overall, taken aback!
Isn’t PROFILING, illegal :question:
Isn’t that something we used to do to keep our a$$es safe, back in the day.
When I was growing old, it was see something, DO SOMETHING.
And I always did! Now, not a chance!
Today, we see something, we take a f##kin picture or a video.
FYI I don’t use my phone in public!
Granted, if I see someone on fire, my first question is who the f##k did you vote for! Choose wisely!

Just doing my civic duty, of see something, let them burn!
PROFILING, it’s how I live. If it’s bipedal, it gets deeply profiled. By the time you pass me, I’ll know what color your underwear is, if I’m really good I’ll have your address and birthdate while you’re freely giving it to the pharmacist!

Even if it doesn’t move, ie: a vehicle, it gets profiled!


“She and her husband had to fight off the attackers, she said.”

“There was an altercation with him and my husband because he’s trying to get him out of the vehicle,” she said.

Fight Fight Fight, Don’t just hand it over especially when your loved ones are exposed and can’t escape.


Regardless of your POV about Israel, there is a reason that Israel has not had a successful highjacking in 50+ years. Yep, profiling.