Got a grip on it?

As most of us age our main concern typically is on vision. I have had these concerns and have figured out what works for me. I cannot find a prescription that offers me a great sight picture while being able to go about day to day life. I train now to dip my chin and align the sights over my glasses on the less than sharp threat while concentrating on the front sight in relation to the rear.
It works for me and your mileage may vary.

What I am concerned about now is grip. I worked for 45 years. Most times extreme manual labor. My hands were my living, along with a little brains and common sense. I made a living.

Now 2 years removed from the grind I find my grip to be less than before. I know, I know keep working to retain that strength but now it hurts. After range sessions for 2-3 days I may even resort to a brace to stabilize my wrist. This sucks!

Now I am concentrating more on dry fire training with emphasis on having the first effective shot on target. I have relaxed live fire to this end.

My handguns work for me. Compacts that I can get a full grip on and come onto a target naturally. I bring them up and the sights are aligned and on target. Capacity and ability to conceal easily.

I know there are options out there that offer ease of manipulation, but my 3 daily carry handguns are of the **exact ** same pattern and have offered me utter reliability and effective results. I am extremely confident in my abilities with these handguns and will not defer to a new system and investment of time and money for such.

I can manipulate each order of arms with no problem. The problem has become recoil sensitivity of my strong side wrist. I am now practicing off hand shooting with less than satisfactory accuracy. E.G. hits in the torso. Hence my emphasis on dry fire first effective hits.



I’m sure some will have some valuable answers, unlike mine. I might have to sit this one out, and practice spectator sport today, but as we all will of course grow older, many of us may be facing similar challenges.

Personally, I have trouble with revolvers, can’t really use them much in the range as the trigger pulls are so heavy for me, once I get into a second round/load, I start feeling the pain in my dominant hand.

With semi’s I’m ok. I mention this because I read today, that in Colorado, the House of Rep’s passed a vote to rule out semi’s. I’m not clear though if it would be on all or just certain ones. Plus I heard it has to get thru the Senate.

I’m fortunate in that I don’t reside there. Of course I think such a proposal is highly inappropriate, but I’m watching it more closely now, in case it’s ever proposed out near me. Even so, when we travel, it could affect us. Trying to remain optimistic.

Good luck though.


Good morning! Have you ever been checked for carpal tunnel? I’ve had friends with what sounds like similar pain in their hands and they were diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel in the wrist and another in the wrist and elbow. They both had the surgery (very short and simple surgery) and both have had their pain completely removed.

Just a thought! I encourage you to chat with your doctor, :wink:


I am quite sure that I suffer from it however I rarely have numbness which is one symptom prevalent with carpal tunnel. I have had many coworkers through the years that had the surgery with great success. One however ended with catastrophic results and permanent nerve damage along with paralysis in both hands. The sight of that has never left my mind.

I will eventually end up having it checked out but for now am trying to work around or through it. Right now a deep massage with CBD cream helps with the pain afterwards.


Thanks Edward303.

I think I shall. Since I had quit golfing and bike riding, the only other time I feel that pain is with revolver usage (heavy pull). But wise words.