GoRuck Firearm Training Courses

Has anyone ever run through any of the training courses offered by GoRuck? There is one coming to my area and I would be interested in hearing opinions/experiences from those who have attended any of their courses.




I’ve seen their equipment for sale, but didn’t know they offered training.

Yeah, I didn’t know that either. I have a friend who is a huge fan of GoRuck products who brought it to my attention and he wants me to go with him to the course.

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They’ve got a lot of events in the midwest… where are you thinking about going? Which training?

I’m looking at the one in Los Angeles. One day is Active Shooter Intervention and the next day is Counter Ambush Response. I was thinking of at least doing the Active Shooter Intervention, but if I am already there I was thinking why not do the next day training too.

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Well if you go, let us know what you think!