Good recoil pad suggestion

I normally don’t like shooting a 12 gauge but I decided to get another one in a double barrel configuration because I really enjoying sporting clays and hunting upland birds such as pheasant and grouse. The bigger pellet count is an added advantage over a 20 gauge definitely.

I’m really glad I did because I came upon an excellent product on Amazon called the recoil eraser. I recommend it highly. It is supposed to reduce up too 70% of felt recoil. I went to my local gun range with a friend and we shot a box of 25 00 buck shells with it comfortably. I haven’t fired magnums or slugs with it yet but I can imagine it makes just as big of difference with those as well. I woke up this morning no bruise on my shoulder.:slightly_smiling_face: I actually like shooting my 12 gauge better than my 20. It kicks a lot less than that does with the recoil eraser installed.

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A proper shooting jacket will add to the comfort of shooting!


:+1:t2: I’ve tried a vest before but that did nothing for me.