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I recently purchased a Glock 42 as a more discreet carry option for when circumstances require. As with most I’m sure I have spent some time at the range with this firearm to both get used to firing it but also to judge reliability. I have sent probably 600 rounds down range and although I shoot it well, reliability has been an issue. I have encountered numerous occasions where the weapon has failed to feed, slide lock back with rounds still in the magazine, or fail to load first round after magazine insertion.
This is my first Glock. I’m trying to ascertain if I’m doing something wrong. I have a few other pistols that I have very little issue with if any. As far as ammo goes I have used Freedom Munitions 100gr round nose new, and Colt SCHP. I am looking for others brands to try to see if its ammo related but as most know finding ammo has been a challenge lately.
I’m a new member here and hope to hear something that will rectify my issue. I’m starting to think I need to send it to Glock to have the issue sorted. I appreciate any feedback.


I own three 9mm Glocks (17, 43X, 43) and have never had any of the problem you describe. The problems you describe are very un-Glock-like, in my experience. They all sound like there could be problems with the magazine(s). Are the magazines Glock-manufactured? Did you purchase the gun new?


I did purchase the gun new and both magazines are Glock.

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@Geoff - I would contact Glock, or talk with the gun shop from which you purchased the gun.


I don’t have a 42, but have you noticed if the issues happen with both magazines? And I would definitely recommend trying some other brand of ammo. My 43 did not like Hornady Critical Defense and Federal 147gr FP resulting in FTF issues. Everything else went through fine.

Are you sure the 42 is a recent model and not old stock? There was an issue with the older Glock 42 slide stop lever, which have been fixed by Glock. Sounds like it would get bumped by certain rounds that have a little longer profile. Freedom Munitions and Hornady Critical Defense have been mentioned.

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You can experience either hardware malfunction or user error.
Starting with user error - because this is your first Glock you may grip it differently which can cause feeding problems with weak grip. Nothing wrong there, every new handgun comes with something new. Slide lock - check, perhaps you accidentally push slide release lever up.
With Hardware malfunction, which actually seems to be the case (however confirm you do not make grip mistakes) - I’d suggest to clear the pistol, take it down, lube. Disassemble mags completely. If it won’t help, check the ammo.

Perhaps you should start with different ammo… but once you do not have other… :man_shrugging:
Next step - contact Glock.


“I recently purchased a Glock…” Well there’s your problem…only kidding glock people.

Well, strictly from a troubleshooting aspect, I’d bet it’s one of these issues:

  1. Ammo Related - start by trying out different full metal jacket rounds from different manufactures and see if you continue to have issues. If not, try different hollow point manufacturers. I had to run a few different manufacturers through a couple picky pistols of mine.
  2. Magazine Related - Mark the magazine with a white paint marker or something so you can keep track and see if you have a crappy mag. It happens…I seemed to have repeated issues with my sig and finally marked the magazine to see if it was the same mag I was having issues with…and it was. SO I promptly hung it on the target and put some rounds through it to end it’s miserably life!!! Sorry…still frustrates me…but check and mark your mag when you have issues to see if its mag related.
  3. Firearm related - this could be anything more specific to the firearm itself and would best be handled by the manufacturer or a gun smith.
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This is the smallest platform I have ever owned. Once I am able to get a couple different brands of target and personal defense I will go to the range to see if problems persist while also having the mags marked in case problems do persist. As I had nothing better to do on my day off today I pulled the glock out and actually looked at my grip on this firearm as I would hold it and sure enough my thumb is close to if not touching the slide lock. So it’s entirely possible the unexpected slide lock is a user induced issue. Thanks for the responses thus far.


I do not own a G42, but my money is on this being ammunition-related problem, and trying more brands may solve it. Hopefully, current 380 shortage will soon be past.

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I have heard of some people accidentally engaging the slide lock with their thumb from the way they gripped the firearm, and most of those were smaller handguns, but I did know one who actually did it with a 1911, but he had also just added an extended slide lock.

Check on the ammunition, there are some newer choices that have been designed to be used in smaller firearms with shorter barrels and I am not familiar enough with your ammo choice to say anything about it.

I looked at a 42, though I considered a Taurus 738… and did not purchase either… now I can not find any 738s

Ammo might be an issue, even if it does not feed when inserting a magazine and letting the slide go forward.

Just a couple of ideas.

Glocks are usually good. As someone who once said Glocks would not last, A “PLASTIC” gun? In the mid 80s, many of us thought they would not hold up, but the laugh is on us, as they have been proven to be great firearms.

As others have said, magazines, ammo, and ensure you clean the firearm and make sure the ramp is smooth.


Could you be limp wristing it on some shots as your hands may be to big for the handle, so you aren’t getting a consistently good grip. @Geoff


Nope, not at all.
You must mean Geoff.

Sorry didn’t realize it went to you. @Geoff read 2 posts up

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Just checking.

Hi Geoff,

I have 2 Glock 42’s. They are my carry guns. I also own a 19 and a 26. I have never had any issues with mine. I would contact the manufacturer if after changing ammo doesn’t help. I don’t think that is typical for a Glock.


I would start by replacing the magazine springs. Cheap and easy fix then see what happens.