Give US a Reason to Open that Link

Occasionally folks start a thread by just posting a link to an article or video, with no other comment. Please, if you think we might also be interested in something, tell us why. Give a snippet of your thoughts (not just a short quotation from the article) of something you learned, or why others might also want to read it.
Truthfully, there are a couple of community members that if I see they initiated the thread, I don’t bother opening the posting; I know they are only posting a link with no reason for me to care.
Thank you.


AND I’ll Add.
3-5 Minutes, I might sit through it.
45-60, I’m not sitting here for an hour to watch it.


Yes, Think of it as an attention grabber! Like a News Flash! You have to make someone want to look into it and a chance for your post to live a little. As for @Mike164, they do say your age dictates your attention span, so if you are at the age of 10 you should be able to stay intrigued for 10 minutes and so on. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


At least a brief descriptor of what the link is about would be very useful for me to decide if I want to bother clicking on it or not.

This is especially true for video links. I am often in environments where I can’t watch a video especially with the sound on so some written words summarizing the video would help me decide if I want to try and make the time to watch it later or at least give me something to comment on if I don’t have time to watch it.


Give US a Reason to Open that Link


Sometimes the car doesn’t need a window sticker :rofl:

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New generation…
13, 14, 15, …18 = 1.3 seconds, 1.4 seconds, and so on!


Personally, I don’t care if anyone reads it or not, the people I post it for, know to open it.

You have posted this complaint before, don’t be a “repete”. :roll_eyes:


same here if the preview doesn’t interest me