Community Issue - read & unread

Website question…
I’ve noticed for the past few weeks that I can read a topic, but it doesn’t always show up as read.
As a result, I will get a link at the bottom for unread topics, and it will take me back to threads I’ve already read. Sometimes it’s even the same one that I’m already in. :laughing:

Usually after I’ve visited the same thread 2-3 times, it’ll update to show that I’ve read it.

Just curious if anyone else is seeing this. It might be a browser thing. I’m using MS Edge, seems like it updates all the time, and I know that can cause unexpected issues.


Below all comments there is a Tracking :bell: You will see a count of new replies because you read this topic.
By clicking on this, options will pop up.
Watching - All responds will be shown.
Tracking - New replies will be shown and if anyone responds to you will be shown.
Normal - will be notified if someone mentions you.
Muted - You will not be notified of anything from this topic.

Click on your choice for each post and you can take charge of what you are interested in and avoid any banter you want to ignore.

I hope this helps you out!


Right, I’m talking about when I read all the way to the bottom of a topic, but then it later shows up as a topic with unread posts, even though I’ve already seen all of the posts.


That seems to me be that the watching would be on, because it will do that. If you go to normal, then it should avoid that.


But this isn’t about whether I’m watching a topic or not. This is about whether I topic that I’ve already seen is still showing up as unread.

Sorry if I’m not explaining it correctly. It doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not I’ve muted a conversation.


No. I have not noticed anything like you describe. I use a laptop. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have noticed this myself. It only happens every now and then but it does happen. I use my Android cell to visit here.


For me, it works like that due to people i’ve blocked posting in those threads.


Yes, I have seen that recently, and no, it is not due to the reasons others mentioned. I have even cleared my cache, etc., and it still occurred. Even scrolling to the end of the page does not work. It is just a glitch in the website.


Probably caught the cooties with the new operating system.


I’ve noticed this several times and actually found the reason.

When you jump into the unread thread and don’t scroll it to the very end, it will still be as unread.
Once I have started scrolling threads to the bottom, everything works as should.

Please see the difference :point_down: - even it seems I’m at the end of the thread… I’m not.
Look at the numbers on the right side.



I think you’re on to something. I usually scroll to the bottom, but I’ll keep an eye on the numbers and see what happens.

EDIT: Yeah, I notice there’s a bit of lag. I can scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, but the numbers might take a few seconds to update. Good catch!

I’m curious why this happens. I’m not quick to blame the website. I didn’t have this First World problem until recently, which is why I suspect it may be due to a recent update.

Still, if this is the worst problem I have today, I’m doing pretty well.

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