Generac recalls over 60,000 generators

I thought many here may have one. May want to check it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Generac recalls over 60,000 generators—here’s what to know and buy (


Glad you put that up. Was in the market! Kept putting it off, cost!



Thanks Brother BRUCE…
(They run just fine… more research on the next couple)

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The alternative to generators include battery arrays. No fuel, quiet, hangs on the wall in the garage, but expensive.

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Note the at the end of the link. Those commie bastages would piss on your head and tell you it’s raining.


There are a lot of new solar generator options hitting the market now. I just put together a little mini setup to help power a small DC fridge in the back of my SUV when I’m working in the desert. Got tired of having to buy ice for the cooler every two days and having to fish out drowned and ruined food.

The prices are coming down on these setups and the fuel is free as long as the sun shines occasionally. You can get setups that will charge your phones, flashlights and lanterns for under $100 up to setups that keep the important circuits in most of your house running indefinitely for not much more than the larger permanently installed Generacs cost.

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That’s good. Being self sufficient is important no matter what scale. In a SHTF scenario, fuel supplies may be iffy. I just hit the 8 year anniversary of my 32 panel solar grid which took my monthly electric from an average of $200 to $9. That represents $19,000 of my money that I did not send to the monopoly utility and more than $9,000 in tax credits that I did not send to DC to be squandered.

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