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You need more than a firearm to survive a natural disaster. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes present their own unique sets of difficulties. This begs the question: What gear is essential to survive any disaster?

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This was a great piece of info, Bob. I would suggest a survival/camping book too if you were going to relocate. If nothing else, an old Boy Scout handbook picked up used would at least be something. Another excellent source of ideas is a Y2K book if you can find one. Everybody’s needs are different . And don’t forget important papers if you need to skedaddle.

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UNFORTUNATELY, first thing that comes to peoples minds is guns. In my opinion quite a ways down the list. If you are dead from lack of water, food, or medical attention no gun in the world is going to save you.

HAVE A PLAN! Prepare in advance and do some learning like gardening, fermenting, dehydrating, basically learn as many Bush crafting skills as you can. Then put the 5 Cs somewhere where you can find them.

WATER. FRESH water and or a way to purify what you can find. Purification means filters, pre filters, bleach or purification tablets or the supplies like pot and fire to boil. No water, dosent matter how well armed you are.

Good first aide/trauma kit, probably a $200.00 investment, and training to use it.

Temporary shelter and blankets/sleeping bags.

Way to make fire to keep warm and cook. Think CORE BODY TEMPERATURE. I fear many people wont know what to do when the electricity, water and internet go out.

Supply of any medications you require… I say at least a month.

Good radio that runs on electricity , batteries and maybe solar.

12VDC devices to keep any phones or other necessities charged.

Copies of Identification and medical info.

Food can be as simple and cheap (thinking storage and easy/quick to prepare) instant oatmeal, instant rice, beans, sugar or honey, flour, peanut butter, something like DATRIX or MAINSTAY for a quick meal while you are getting settled, if you are rich… get some Freeze dried foods/meals like Mountain House. Again if rich and keep in mind it has a few year shelf life only MREs,

Maps and compass.

Now, lets talk guns…

I could go on and on, but lets stop here for now and see where this goes.

After I posted I realized there was more to the original post than was visible. My bad. Still trying to get the hang of how this forum works. In any case, looks liek we were aon the same page.

This should all be covered with a BOB.

If you have a BOB, or a Get Home Bag, you should already have medication you might need, emergency food rations, water supply or a means of filtering and purifying water, fire starter, and tarps or some other means of creating a shelter.

And, you should already have your firearm, at least the one you carry.

Yes, it could be a long list, but it also depends on what you are planning, where you are, where you want to be, and if you want to be found.

A good BOB should already cover much… or even a good Get Home Bag.

Water or a means of filtering and purifying water.
Food or rations. High calorie food bars, or c-rations (yes I am old) or something similar… jerky, freeze dried, though you need water for that…
Fire Starters, plus matches, … a means of starting a fire…
A good thick bladed knife for cutting, batoning, or working wood to put to use.
550 cord
Wool socks would be good
Poncho to keep the rain off… a good trash bag can be used as a poncho.
Blanket (wool would be good, emergency blankets work)
Tarp (for use in making a shelter… and you can build a shelter)
Tarp or trash bags as a ground cover along with evergreen branches to keep you off the ground.
Stainless Steel cup (and a canteen if you have one)… for boiling water and for cooking … but if you can carry it, a stainless Steel pot also.
First Aid gear…
Fishing line and hooks… would be handy.

A flare gun might be a good thing, but it depends on if you WANT to be found.
If the emergency is a natural disaster and you are not at home, or you are stuck in the middle of nowhere… but if it is civil unrest and you are forced to flee… on the way home, or forced to flee your home… you may not WANT to be found

And of course, your carry firearm … and if you can… a .22LR rifle or a .22LR / .410 that can be put to use hunting food… but if you have everything else, and know how to filter water, boil water, and are near a means to fish or forage, you can supplement your food supply.

There are many things we can think of… and many we may wish to have and either do not think of until we need it… or we simply can not carry that much… but a basic kit will allow you to survive, if not in luxury, at least survive.