GA about to be 25th constitutional carry state!

GA House and Senate approved the bill and it’s heading for the Governor’s desk. He’s indicated he will sign it, making GA the 25th state in the union doing so. I believe 7-8 or so in just the past couple years. Looks like the backlash from the gun control groups’ attacks on the second amendment is very real.


All we need to do now is head for the border, keep our countries sovereignty! Texas has always been great for this country, it’s time we returned the favor!
If we continue with a wall, may as well keep out Kalifornia! Way to go Georgia!


Two more states and there will be a majority.


Governor DeSantis just asked the Florida legislature to consider Constitutional Carry, but so far there is no indication that such a bill will be introduced, or if so, how many in the legislature will support it.


Great Job Georgia, Now it needs to move up the Eastern seaboard. NC there will be no chance until Coopers time runs out. Mark Robinson will be new Gov NC Go Mark!!! :us: Even with it passing I will maintain my permit. As we watch the battle for our gun rights will be never ending

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Likewise, will absolutely keep my permit as it’s still required for reciprocity in states that are not constitutional carry but has reciprocity with my state. There are other reasons to keep it as well.

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Yes, The folks that control it all are fickle. They could try to change the rules at the drop of a hat for sure.

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I love to see States approve Constitutional Carry and for years I carried with no permit,and the only reason I got a permit was so I could go into a weapons store and pay and go and now I make my own weapons from the ground up,but still have the permit active,but ,but now have reached the age to renew do not have to fire my weapon for the license Nice to live in Texas

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It’s about to finally go down. Next week I believe.

Governor Kemp is due to sign the bill on the afternoon of April 12 from what I have heard at a local gun store.


Technically GA will be number 22. While the other states approved their bill before GA, GA’s Permitless Carry bill will go into effect the day it is signed (April 12 at 15:30). The other states have a waiting period before the bill goes into effect .


As of me writing this one I think Ga is # 25. Looking at Nebraska is looking at 26… Congrats to the great State of Georgia, Good job

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I live in Illinois so I don;t think we will ever have constitutional carry till they go after the ones who shoot people instead of all the legal gun owners.

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Governer Kemp signed the bill. Constitutional carry is now legal in Georgia.

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Best thing for me…I no longer have to worry if I forget to grab my wallet when taking the dog for a walk. :grin:

To be fair, I never thought IL would get Shall Issue permits, even. I started this back in 2005 and at the time most people assumed IL would never issue permits at all, yet here we are.

As more time passes, and more other states prove that ___ is perfectly okay (good, in fact), it becomes more difficult for the states that lag behind to keep it up (well…except HI, NY, NJ, CA, I guess?)

Unlike the three other recently passed COnsitutionl Carry laws in Ohio, Alabama, and Indiana, the Georgia law is effective immediately.
From Senate 319

Section 18: This Act shall become effective upon its approval by the Governor or upon its becoming law without such approval.

The other states’s new laws are not effective until June 13, July 31, and January 1, 2023.

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