Full Metal Jacket or Hollow points

FMJ or hollow points for your edc

why you choose that round

Jhp or defensive designed rounds for edc. Full metal or solid rounds are for targets, but in my revolver would consider using wadcutters in a pinch.

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JHP for EDC, FMJ for range time and training, although occassionally I do rotate the stock and shoot a few mags of hollow points.

Due to the lack of expansion, not only can FMJ go through walls, their intended targets, etc, but they don’t spread their energy over a larger area that the expanding JHPs do, which helps with stopping power.

If you’re lucky enough to pull off head shots, either works.


JHP, particularly 124gr +P Gold Dots for carry. Two reasons for my choice, it’s a proven round and I’m lucky enough to live in a state that doesn’t restrict me to FMJs.


FMJ for the range, and bonded JHP for carry.

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Everything I hear is FMJ for practice and JHP for real for the same reasons already mentioned. I’m new to this, though, and have a question. How often do you try to rotate out your JHP rounds?

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Quarterly for my 9mm that is my primary carry, half a year or so on my 10mm and .357, or around that time frame. It’s probably too much, but I believe in redundancy and preperation.

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Thanks for that!

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Hollow points for self defense only.

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I shoot my self-defense ammo out of my carry gun every 4-6 months depending on if I’ve taken it in and out of the magazine to shoot at the range.


In my self defense pistol I carry JHP. Less chance of over-penetration. I learned that when hunting squirrels with my .22 magnum, it is best to stick with FMJ. If you miss the head and hit them in the body, the hollow points tends to blow them in half.

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