Frankford Arsenal Precision Universal Case Trimmer

I bought this because it I want to do better about QC on my hunting reloads. The instructions are confusing and after trying to trim some 30-30 to the recommended length of 2.029 I found I wasn’t make any progress. If I try to back the cutter away any distance it doesn’t cut at all.

My calipers were malfunctioning because of a dead battery so that’s one problem I need to solve, but does anyone knows how to use this tool who could help a guy out? As it stands I feel like I wasted my money.

Best I could do.

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Thank you. I’ve tried watching this before but maybe I’ll understand it this time

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I don’t understand it any better. I put in a different case and trimmed it a bit short, 2.027. I had everything locked down and thought it would cut all of my shells to that length. Tried another one. Nope. 2.044. As you can see from the photos there is a gap between BOTH cases, regardless of length.

These were both put through the same sizing die so I can’t imagine why all these variations! If one is longer than the other then why is there a gap? I should be able to mindlessly trim all of these!

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