Forgot my gun in my truck and my wife gets pull over?

What will happen if i let my gun in my truck and my wife gets pull over and for whatever reasons the police finds it??


My understanding is my wife and I have equal rights to my guns, as long as she’s not prohibited.


It’s going to totally depend on each state’s laws. If it’s a state that has a permit for concealed carry. She’d have to have a permit. If the firearm is not in the cab, but in the trunk it might be different. Check your local listings.


Thanks, my wife is going for her permit right now, but i got that curiosity!! Never happen but still.


Thanks i definitely will check that out just in case it happens


In any case, its probably very important that she knows the gun is in the vehicle. If she tells the police there are no weapons, and they find a gun during a search, she’s going to be in real trouble.

Best option, always carry your gun on your person so it can not be left behind.


Depends on state law. In Colorado, firearms in a vehicle are not considered a violation of concealed weapons statutes CRS 18-12-105(2). But, it is unlawful to possess a firearm, other than a pistol or revolver, in any motor vehicle with a round in the chamber.


Varies BIG TIME based on the state you live in, the state where she is pulled over, permit status, etc.

The answer varies between nothing at all, and multiple felonies with years in prison.


CT, so this relates…if it’s in your truck and you’re not, the gun better be locked up. Not console, not glove box; you need a pistol safe or lockbox with cable…Your wife, if it was found would get a ticket for possession without a permit if she didn’t have one yet. Probably misdemeanor, and possible dismissal, but you’re out attorney fees. There is no duty to inform, so as long as it wasn’t with your registration odds are no one would know. That being said, keep a freaking eye on your gun…It gets stolen, used in a crime, and discarded, you’re in for at minimum, an expensive time…caught on a perp, and you never notified the p.d, and maybe you did, but do you have your serial number?..well, lawyers aren’t cheap, and a day in court is not my idea of a good time.


I guess I will never be going to Colorado if they do not allow me to have one in the chamber.


Pistol or revolver can have one in the chamber in CO, but good luck getting an out of state permit that they honor… I’ve got the 2 biggies, UT and FL, and CO doesn’t honor either one.


When trraveling any distance,my weapons are always with me an I always have a hand weapon on me,I have never used a lock system on any of my weapons,I was raised in a many weapond house hold and my weapons are with in easyreach and as my childres grew up they were all acclimated to weapons around the house,if they wanted to hold one,they came to me and asked,they were never refused to handle a weapon and knew hot to field strip and clean,the have full knooiwledge of the functions of any weapon that i have


This question is totally dependent upon state law unless your wife is a prohibited person under federal law. If that is the case, it would be a federal crime and could be a state crime.


I’m not feeling charitable this AM. If you don’t know the answer to your question in your own state, you probably should not have a firearm in your car at all. If your state permits you to have a gun outside the home, it’s incumbent on you to know all the laws that apply.


@Keystonecop If u check the law in connecticut don’t specified that and i guess this is a community to talk about different subjects and help each other out not to say who should own a good because thats a right not a privilege that say that someone tgat own a gun had to know all the laws or go to a law school to get a gun permit!! :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


I would hate to see your wife arrested and jailed, her only defense being ignorance of the law, and your disagreement with the law because bearing arms is a God given right. Even JC said give unto Ceasar…when in Rome, etc. You don’t have to like it, but you owe it to your wife and yourself that she is on safe ground when it comes to law enforcement in your state. Feel free to ignore this advice. Fighting criminal charges are expensive…divorce even more so…and so it goes…


@Keystonecop first no one in this world knows everything but ur ignorance is out of this world :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: she’s not prohibited from carrying a gun and my truck is my property like my house and i own more the one firearms and she have access to it thats why i was curious about if i leave it in my truck and she drives it and get pull over!!! I always have my gun on my at all times but it can happen that i had to go to a free gun zone and i had to leave it in the car!!


I would worry less about the police than what my wife is going to say.


First and foremost, you’re being a dick. The original poster made a legitimate inquiry about a situation to try and learn the legal ramifications of the action. This is one place that a person should be able to ask such a question without being ridiculed for trying to learn something. I hope that he and others realize that you are the exception to the community and not an example of how people should act. I would hate to have members preferring not to ask questions for fear that some keyboard warrior might criticize them.


Well bless your heart!

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