For Western Fans

I’m pitching ideas for a “Have Gun - Will Travel” film. Instead of a long, drawn-out plot, it’ll consist of 3-4 vignettes, with at least 1 taking place in San Francisco. The emphasis is on authenticity and historical accuracy for 1875 - very few special effects, no gimmicks or gadgets, and maybe 1or 2 plot twists. Anyone interested? FYI


Show me, sounds good

I have the tentative thought that my ideas are for nothing - I want quality without stereotypes or cardboard cutouts - and realism even down to the guns used. Tennessee Williams became a dedicated alcoholic after seeing his plays trashed after he sold the film rights, but he couldn’t resist the $$ he was offered. Even Richard Boone - who directed 28 episodes of HG-WT - fought for quality scripts in the show, and complained about TV in general. FYI