Any Writers Out There?

I’ve posted this just for a hoot. Two of my literary “heroes” - who still remain with me - are Kurt Vonnegut and especially Harlan Ellison. I admired Vonnegut’s ability to be concise and his economical approach to wording, dismissing his anti-gun stance later in life. Harlan Ellison I’ve found to be the more interesting - prolific, short-tempered, and notoriously combative during his career and lifetime. YOUTUBE is crammed with videos on both - if anyone out there is an aspiring writer, Ellison’s fights for quality and control over his work serve as inspirations and cautionary tales. Tom Snyder’s interviews with him were always entertaining - check out his remarks on what became STAR TREK - THE MOTION (“LESS”) PICTURE, but especially his two-part interview, THE STARLOST/HOW NOT TO WRITE FOR TELEVISION - regarding the trashy Canadian sci-fi series in 1973. Ellison’s experiences with deceit, outright lies, and the hoops he had to jump through would make Machiavelli proud - 16 episodes of the 20 Ellison wrote were shot - and if you can sit through the first half-hour of the PILOT, you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!


I have a couple things that have been published. A couple poems and a couple articles on cooking, I have been thinking about a cookbook and a Childrens story. That is all I have!


The 1911 Guide to Cooking😀


No publications, but I’ve written a bunch for work and personal.

I am not a published author, but I have written several Godzilla fan fiction stories and a Star Trek story.

I am in the middle of writing a novel, but school has kind of interrupted that.

Apparently, one of my Godzilla stories was posted as someone else’s story on I guess that means it was good. The one I was told was stolen was not one of the ones I thought was particularly good.


Do you count bathroom stalls?

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I posted this after researching Ellison’s lawsuit over THE TERMINATOR - if James Cameron hadn’t been so arrogant, and had simply asked Ellison if he could use “Soldier From Tomorrow” and “Demon With A Glass Hand” to develop the character and shoot the film, giving a credit to Ellison - he said that it wouldn’t have cost Cameron a DIME. Instead, Cameron was forced to settle, and had to pay Ellison $60K-plus, an additional $5K not to speak about the lawsuit over a specified length of time, and still had to give Ellison a credit in the film. FYI

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Here’s my final posting - if anyone is an aspiring film writer, I’d be glad to offer my general ideas for a HAVE GUN - WILL TRAVEL film - free of charge. Although westerns are considered an archaic genre, I’d like to see this treated as an anthology, rather than a film with one long, drawn-out plot, where Paladin pursues his double-life as a wealthy bon-vivant and mercenary, using his wits, fists, and guns to solve his clients’ problems. “Presentism” should be strictly avoided, without too many screwups on authenticity or faithfulness of those times. The last really good western I’ve seen was OPEN RANGE, for example.