“Flying Our Flag High“ by Charlotte Bevan, 13

If you didn’t watch the PATRIOT AWARDS 2021 on Fox Nation you need to, what an inspiration. :us:
I know many of us have been feeling down the last two years but their are many inspirational
happenings and people out there that we do not hear about. We Patriots are the majority and if we don’t give up we will win. Our Country is worth fighting for.
Charlotte is only one of the many Patriots.

“Flying Our Flag High“ by Charlotte Bevan, 12

Patriotism is a word often used to describe a person who is proud and loves their country. Many people are patriotic including me. I’m proud to be living in America because we have freedom. We stand proud that the founders of our country have created a strong foundation for the generations to come. I have always been proud to be American and continue the legacy that was left behind by those that created our Declaration of Independence.

Ralph Waldo Emerson states that, “America is another name for opportunity.” America gives many people the chance to succeed for their family. I have a chance in America to change the world and to make a footprint in my country. An example of this is that Alexander Hamilton was an immigrant from a Caribbean Island. He made a change by fighting for our freedom with George Washington. This shows that no matter who you are, America gives you a chance to change the world around you for the better and to make a lasting impact on generations to come.

Patriotism is often demonstrated by displaying the American flag which was created by Bob Heft. It was originally created by Betsy Ross, but later Bob Heft changed it slightly adding the forty-ninth and fiftieth stars to the flag. He also moved the stars into the neat rows that we know today. Other ways that you will see patriotism displayed is when people celebrate the 4th of July holiday or they will stand when the National Anthem is played at sporting events. I see it locally at our hometown 4th of July parade and festival every year. Most people dress in red, white and blue and celebrate with all American cuisine.

In conclusion, America is a strong country and inspires patriotism in me. It is a place of faith, hope and happiness for me and my family. From the time of the American Revolution, people have held different perspectives of what patriotism looks like. Some see it as hanging a flag, wearing red, white and blue and some just hold it in their hearts and show their pride in their daily actions. However, my definition of patriotism is loving others and doing what is right for my country.


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Smart kid. There’s still hope for future generations with youngsters like this.


Yes she is. There were many there that night. She recited it by heart and was given a Patriot Award and broke into tears. :us: And so did I. :joy:

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