Putting our NATION FRIST

See some thing say something :100: if it doesn’t look right it’s not right we need to be on watch CRIME IS OUT OF CONTROL EVERY WHERE :bangbang:and our law enforcement , can not do it alone


What would it be like to have a REAL STRONG, TRUE, NATIVE AMERICAN to lead our Nation. I’m sure there’s some great qualifying Native Americans serving in Washington DC.


Ronald,150, I AM A native, AMERICAN INDIAN COMANCHE MOSTLY. , and I am Bobby Jean an and I am not in D,C, WASHINGTON :bangbang::100:. I want you to know it’s not the race of a person , that can RUN THE NASHION BETTER THAN THE NEXED AMERICAN :us: ITS THE BELIEF IN THE CONSTITUTION, And for WHICH IT STANDS , ONE NASHION UNDER GOD AND LIBERTY FOR ALL AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, being an Indian just dose not make the country a better place to live I am a very proud AMERICAN :us: NATIVE AMERICAN :us: AND COMANCHE , my family is from Oklahoma FORT SLII COMANCHE COUNTY , and. We are all AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE , And I do not understand why you would BLEAVE that as an INDIAN WOULD RUN THE COUNTRY any better than any other American :us: we all bleed RED I SEE PEOPLE EVERY DAY THAT TELL ME WHAT KIND OF INDIAN AND YOU , and I tell them what KIND DO YOU WANT ME TO BE :question: AND HAW HAW I LET THEM TELL ME :bangbang::100::us:. GOD . Bless you for LOVING US WE LOVE YOU BACK , YOU CAN SAY YOU TRULY HAVE A NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN FRIEND , Bobby Jean is my name and I AM your friend thank you for for loving us Bobby Jean my, mother’s name is CHAQUITA Lana , meaning Littel dear :owl:


Comanche means enemy :bangbang: Bobby Jean I want friends Bobby Jean :feather::feather::bangbang::chile::latin_cross: