Firearms Training as Experiential Learning | USCCA

I left the traditional classroom for the shooting range nearly a decade ago, and I haven’t looked back since. OK, I have looked back — a little. But not out of regret or remorse. I’ve looked back out of appreciation and with the idea that much of what I learned and used in the field of academia can be transposed into the world of firearms training. And one of the techniques that seems to be extraordinarily useful and applicable is that of experiential learning.

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Thanks for this article! As an educator myself, and a newbie to gun ownership, gun training and education I find myself doing exactly what I’d be “teaching” in the classroom. I read, or watch, something in a blog or video. I try to rationalize how that applies to me, I turn that in to practice either here at home, or at the range, depending on what I’m learning. Then I reflect on how that worked for me. How I need to improve, make changes, or follow up with more practice to improve. While I’m not actually in the classroom at this time, I’m at District office now. But I find myself wanting to be at the range more than at work. :rofl: just made my first purchase of bulk ammo.

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y husband Robert is always trying to get me to sign up he wants me to know how to train for help me
I have three or four gunsone I’ve never even shot yet because of my hand so .My name is Martha i’m 80 am I to old to learn more about shooting my gun?