FEMA and Homeland Security: Protecting Your House of Worship

FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security offer resources on plans for protecting your house of worship. You can find those resources here:

Has anyone used these resources? What do you think about their advice?


@Dawn - Thanks. I will be reading and have passed the link along to the head of our church Safety Team.

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Thx @Dawn for sharing this.
Good to have this available for reading…but these are tons of information…
It took me a lot of clicks to find a document, then after I downloaded one (“Planning and Responseto an Active Shooter”) I was surprised to see 59 pages :grimacing:

I’m not trying to do negative feedback, it is good to have this resource, but latest book we all know (“Keeping Your Church Safe”) gives enough information and is in
more readable format.

I agree with @Jerzy. There’s a lot of good information and it appears most if not all of it is free tho I didn’t take any online courses.

There are other avenues that make the process of starting or training a team less overwhelming however that comes with a price.

I think the more resources you can read the better you’ll be prepared. Even if you don’t agree with what you’re reading having that other perspective isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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I have actually utilized their information. I worked with a team to create our churches initial safety team policy. Now that I have the additional resources of the USCCA and Sheepdog, I am able to refine our structure and make this a quality team for our church of 150 members.

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