Church Security Procedures

Does anyone have access to good church security procedures that work?

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Not sure what USCCA has to offer but…

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I do. We’ve used them for about 11 years now. You can also check Strategos International.


Good recommendation. Thanks.

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We’re looking into what Sheepdog Church Security has. It’s expensive, but seems to be well recommended. Their product comes in the form of Powerpoint presentations, which is a bit worrisome to me, but seems to be largely for ease of presentation.

What I really want to do is to run use of force scenarios, I just need the equipment. They don’t make UTMs for my gun.


There are a couple of books recommended here

Some Instructors offer church team training. But any reputable instructor that offers force on force will be able to cater to your specific goals

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I recommend Sheepdog Church Security. Their book “Defending the Flock” is a must-read IMHO.

There are several good sources of information and training for church security teams.

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