Could you survive a church shooting?

A lot of us go to church every Sunday morning. We spend time with others who believe the same and worship in a large group. We know that this may make us a target - no matter what religious belief we hold.

What is your plan if there is ever a shooting in your house of worship?

Yes, I’m asking for specific plans that you have for your house of worship. The body cannot go where the mind has not been.


We only sit in 2 different areas. There’s 2 plans. One she goes into a classroom where the only access is up a small stairway. I have the tactical advantage there. If we are downstairs she and the others around us know just lay down. (We) the security team are going to engage, laying in the floor reduces friendly fire and be trampled during a human stampede. It seems counter intuitive to not flee but the way our sanctuary is laid out it really is the safest. we have a decent size security a single shooter and even a 2 shooter team would be met with overwhelming force pretty quickly


That is a good topic!

My church has a rather large armed security team. The best part about my church’s security is most look like regular people and have earbuds in so they may know whats going on are if someone is a threat.

However, there have been issues as well.

There was a guy walking up to the front to get saved during service and he got TACKLED by an untrained security guard. He had no weapons and was not a threat.

Most of our trained personal that carries are either currently law enforcement are retired.

For a quick laugh, when I worked at the church, I loved this one retired police officer he even wrote me a letter of recommendation if deciding to join (I recently have really considered& applied). Anyways, he said, “In my Bible bag I have more artillery than most police stations and no I’m not talking about my Bible.” We would joke about it all the time. :rofl:

Here recently, I asked about Mr. J.C. after not seeing him and he went to be with the Lord.

I wonder if Jesus let him take that black Bible bag that he was never seen without past them pearly gates. :thinking:


@Dawn There have been several topics on this forum asking about a defense plan. I think these are good topics and the wealth of information shared is invaluable. However, I would never share my plan on a social media platform. This forum is open to all. Some participants may have ulterior motives for being here. They want to know plans to prepare their strategy to harm others.
I personally would not give out my “plan”. You may call that paranoia… I call it prevention.
Just sayin’… it’s a double edge sword.


I would be fine, because I wouldn’t be there. I’m Catholic, and our Bishop said we didn’t need no security plan, because we would not be allowed to carry on Church property. Same Bishop who tried to get me removed from our finance council, (I was a Forensic Acountai and Certified Fraud Examiner) when I found a number of egregious uses of church funds. Couldn’t be bullied out of disclosing to our Cardinal. Cardinal was client, Bishop even tried to pronounce me anaethema when I wouldn’t give him report so he could prepare a synopsis of my report as the Cardinal was a very busy man.



I’m sorry you went through that…

Maybe time to find a new church home?

I want my family to be protected in our house of worship but, I do know finding a new church home is not like changing shirts.

God bless, friend.

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I totally understand that, @TexasEskimo. What I would suggest instead is give suggestions for people to consider about their security plan.

For instance,

At my church we have to contend with four main doors for the congregation and two back doors for the alter area and one more door near the baptismal area. How do you cover all of those doors?


We have numerous classrooms for children during the services, do you have a plan in place for each of those rooms and evacuating the kids?

Are there nuances to your church’s plan that hadn’t been considered right off the bat that you could share with others that wouldn’t give away the security plans?


No security team as far as I know, I always sit on top the rear balcony. To the side in the back with clear access to see who may come up top and inside so I can see but not be seen easily…

@Dawn If the attendance is light, do not ask parishioners to all move to the front or middle. Let them naturally space out
Paid off duty LEOs in the children’s wing.
Two easily accessible, but concealed SA rifles.
Asking all members with a license to carry, to carry.
The first person to arrive will be a security team member to walk the inside and outside of the entire church. The last person to leave is a designated security team member.

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Well, I don’t say this jokingly. But I find great comfort in the passage “Where two or more are gathered in my name. I am there as well”.

I grew up hard and of all the various religions shoved down my throat at various times, Catholicism is the only one I leave more peaceful than when I go in.

There’s this moment after communion, when the priest is cleaning and gathering any remaining host or wine, and he privately communes with God that brings me so much peace.

Also Randal ( no sarcasm) that was extremely kind of you. Thank you.

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I like that scripture as well…

Also, I would say, what whatever church/religion/source you draw from…please do! No shame from me! The biggest concern these days is being safe within your house of worship.

You are welcome, and God bless you, friend. Stay safe out there!

Thank you. I swear I have met the nicest people since I joined the USCCA


You are not lying @Zavier_D!

I swear it’s like a big warming family with the USCCA!

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We lock all outside doors. Crash bars allow exit only. Only the main doors stay unlocked. With an armed security guard. Access to the kids area is restricted to staff only and another guard posted at the doorway that leads to the children and youth area. Also X number of plain clothes with the kids and in the sanctuary during service.

Your average thug would be met with heavy resistance rather quickly. The sanctuary guys have specific areas and roles. I feel we’ve covered the major bases. However you can always learn things. Right now I’m talking with team leaders on some training on reading a crowd and picking up on body language red flags.
Using the books Gift of Fear and Left of Bang to guide the training.

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