Multiply that trillion by 17 and you have how much Van Guard and Blackrock manage.

If you consider a cannon a firearm here is an interesting fact.

The origin of the expression " it’s cold enough outside to freeze the balls off a brass monkey"…

On pirate/warships of old that carried cannons, they needed something to keep the bottom layer of cannon balls in place to stack them in a pyramid next to each cannon. What they came up with was a square container similar to an egg carton which was called a monkey. Because of the moist sea air it could not be iron or the bottom layer of cannon balls would rust to the monkey so it was made out of brass, thus a “brass monkey”. Brass shrinks in cold weather. Cold enough and it would shrink enough that the balls would be able to roll away, thus freezing the balls off of a brass monkey.

Also the word ■■■■ really means “Ship High In Transit” but that’s a story for a different day…

Actually 1 billion billion would be 10 ^18, or 1 Femtollion. 1X10^9 X 1x10^9 = 1X10^18. Wow.

The one that irks me is the use of then and than. Seems like ppl have forgotten what the word then means.

Ive read that the Ship High In Transit is an urban legend.



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They were broken (literally and figuratively).