I thought it would be fun to have a place where we can share interesting statistics about guns and responsible ownership. Knowledge of the truth can help make all of us better ambassadors as responsible gun owners.

I’d suggest this not be a place to debate, just share and maybe ask questions or contribute additional insight.

I’ll go first.


The country with the highest murder rate, El Salvador, also has one of the lowest gun ownership rates? The same is true of Jamaica and Lesotho. The three countries with the highest homicide rate also have some of the lowest gun ownership rates in the world.

Maybe a better measure of the impact of guns on murder rate would be to post the number of homicides per handgun.

For the U.S., that rate would be 0.004%.

In El Salvador, that rate would be 0.45%, 130 times the rate in the US.

We simply cannot conclusively tie gun ownership rates to higher homicide rates. The facts show the exact opposite.


If more people don’t check the facts its going to continue to be a uphill
battle defending our rights. We are facing a very complex bad time in History regarding firearms not to mention the possibility of the world being blown to bits. After all we thru the first stone right.
PS: how do you convince people that had love ones killed and don’t care about firearms, that bad people kill people not guns. You can bring a horse to water but you cant make him drink it.


Hard to get folks to check facts when they only read headlines & watch 30 second videos on CNN. Got their noses on their phones while ignoring folks being abused next to them or worse, putting it on Facebook for other folks to watch. Worried about firearms while murdering the unborn at the same time. Don’t know how to fix that…


Did you know Lucy was an ape?

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Ok, I’m a data guy, so I had some fun with some data from Gun Ownership by Country 2022 .

I am attaching two PDF files from a spreadsheet I just created comparing 1) The homicide rate “score” to gun ownership rates, 2) The homicide rate “score” to overall population.

The “scores” were scaled to make it easier to read. The scores are a scaled number representing homicide rates / gun ownership rates and homicide rates / overall population.

I also calculated the average for each spreadsheet, which is highlighted in BLUE. The United States numbers are highlighted in GREEN.

What conclusions do you draw?

Homicide danger by gun ownership rate.pdf (605.8 KB)
Homicide danger by population.pdf (605.6 KB)


Guns Used in Self Defense

25.3 Million Americans (31% of gun owners) have used a gun in self defense. In nearly 82% of these cases, the gun was never fired.

According to the National Research Council study done during Obama’s presidency, guns are used for self defense between :

500,000 – 3 Million Times Every Year

(1,369 – 8,219 Times Every Day )

Because many cases of self defense are not reported to the police, the real number may be on the higher end.


The anti-2A crowd will just revert to the old pathological line: “If we can save just one life, it will be worth it.”

BTW, always be wary of a politician trying to manipulate you with that line.
And for 2A I think it’s even worse, as the person who wants to “save just one life” is obviously not considering the number of lives saved by firearms used in self-defense.


Yes, just one life, not yours but their imaginary future victim.
They must be huge fans of precogs.

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Interesting also in such self defense training might need to highlight when and how to utilize restraint, while still being to use a firearm in defense without ever having to fire.

I imagine it crossing heavily into the legal risks - meriting its view as well.

We will save 40,000 lives a year due to car accidents just by eliminating cars!

It will be worth it!

We’ve made cars safer. Maybe we could make guns safer!

Oh, wait, guns are designed to destroy anything they’re pointed at. Kinda self-defeating.


I’ve had some paper targets that would prove otherwise. :crazy_face:



Its my notion as well as a lot of others. That with gun ownership crime rates generally go down. If there were no lawful owners out there crime would be off any scales that we may look at. Time to time I look at all the big cities that make virtually if not impossible for avg people to own firearms for any reason. Look at crime in those places.


How much is a trillion dollars? To put it into perspective, you could spend a million dollars every day since Jesus Christ was born and not spend a trillion.


You could spent $1 million every day since Fred Flintstone was born and not spend a trillion.


Obviously, we are not politicians, they seem to not have much difficulty. You are just not thinking big enough.

There are a billion people in China. If we gave each of them $1B, that would be trillion dollars.
How’s that for big thinking? Should I run for office?


You are getting there, but I believe that still isn’t enough. That seems like a lot of effort to get rid of that trillion dollars. :sunglasses: