Fair and Balanced

Like many, I try to listen to both sides of our countries opinions but I had to share this.

There was a conversation about how disarming the public is usually not a good sign, and one SJW was bound and determined to say that was not true. The comment that got made was you know that a number of governments, including ours has not been kind to groups it has disarmed.

SJW_001comrs back and says he has faith the government would be doing it to protect him.



So, SJW_001 Is asked, if it was 1930’s Germany and you belonged to a class of citizens, who had just been disarmed and they pulled up with the cattle cars and asked to get onboard, would you? SJW_001 says of course they are only doing it so they can take me someplace where you gun owners can’t harm me.

I was​:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: Do we not teach this in school anymore?


SJW_001 must not have been taught about what the NAZI’s did to the JEWS in the 1930’s. Well here are some pictures of what they did. And some might be hard to look at. But they need to be seen and remembered for what the NAZI’s did to the JEWS under Hitler. And who’s to say that it won’t happen again. But this time it could be in America.

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Yes, it could happen here…and this time it would not be just the jews, but ALL enenies of the government (like you and me.)


I get that, I just don’t get the mentality. That the government will make it better.

What happened to us? I mean I know what happened tactically and strategically speaking, but how did this country become so gutless? In 60 years we went from the greatest generation to what we have now

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If this conversation actually occurred the SJW was either trolling you or completely delusional.

We were actually already there by the end of the war.

FDR was seen as almost godlike by the generations that lived through the depression and war and he instilled a sense of trust in gov’t that had never existed in this county prior.

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I wasn’t in the conversation, just reading a bunch of SJW’ers talking about how bad guns were and how bad it would have been if the people on Hong Kong had, had guns to fight back during the protests in Hong Kong. It was a truly wacked out conversation.


Don’t know if you meant what you said here so I don’t want to start a pissing contest. But I don’t tend to lie about stuff on the internet or in life… It was in /gun politics on Reddit

You never know what you’re reading online unless you actually know the source.

Trolls will post stuff like that to generate a pissing contest or simply to get your ire up.

@Zavier_D, the major issue is that this country has forgotten its God. The Lord used thw United States and its allies to punish Nazi Germany for the massacre of 6 million Jews in their concentration camps. During the early 20th cwntury and in both world wars, the U.S. was seen by the world as a Christian nation and on both sides of the aisle, His name was invoked and His help and wisdom was sought for the operation of our government. That does not occur any longer. Now, Christians are an object of derision and persecution in this country. Yes we are still a fairly large voting ‘bloc’, but with the left importing so many illegal aliens, and trying to pass laws giving them the priveledge to vote, we are no longer ‘minolithic’ enough to swing an election. With the name of God being legislated out of the public arena, and the rise of a generation that does not know Him, I am afraid that the days of THE NATION THAT I LOVE are numbered. God will not be mocked. It happened to ancient Israel, it happened to Germany, it will happen to us.
@WildRose, I hope you are not referring to me as a ‘troll’ (I realise that I may not understand you completely.) It is never my intent on this or any other forum, to do that. I also admit that I do not understand just what a ‘troll’ is, and I realise that some of my viewpoints may not be popular with the group. That is ok with me.


This is exactly why they quit teaching history in public schools. They now teach “Current Events” and call that “history”. It’s BS!!!


IMHO the only way this kinda thing can get fixed is to get involved in our education process and demand they teach real honest hisotry and civics…

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