Eyes and Ears

Anyone have good recommendations for amplified in-the-ear hearing protection?

How about prescription shooting glasses (or at least with just readers)?

Thank you in advance!!


I have found the Walkers Rope earbuds a good solution, but only for outdoor shooting. In an indoor range they do not block enough of the reverberating shot noise


Instead of the cost of prescription shooting gasses, I found it much better to buy OTG (Over The Glasses) safety glasses and wear my regular spectacles. That added full side and top protection all around my eyes. Decent OTG glasses are quite economical. When I had an ejected .45ACP brass nick my safety-rated eyeglasses I learned the value of protecting those lenses.


No, but just how important they are, I had oiled the firearm, so when I fired it at the range later that week, hot oil shot towards my eye at such an incredibly fast speed, were it not for my large eye goggles, I would have gotten hurt.

Regular prescription everyday eyeglasses are not enough protection. If I don’t have my contact lenses on, I still were safety goggles over my regular glasses.

I just wipe them both down before I begin, take a minute to adjust for vision, and I never even notice they are on until the end of my session. Keep the goggles free of scratches, away from cloth or cotton.

Goggles, got three pair, for my range partner days; no excuse not to have, as low as $5 each, online.

I only tried one electric muffs, so I would not know. I always double up, with ear plugs, especially because my electric is not the highest sound blocking, it’s just that I want to hear the range safety officer. Mine have auto shut off; otherwise you gotta remember to turn em off. I chew gum while wearing, to mitigate ear pain.

My “ears” are one of the “Howard Leights” brand, $60-$120. But there are several brands as good or better. USCCA members has a vendor discount page on their web. I don’t like expensive ones as one day, someone will break into my car again.

Maybe start lower cost, if not like, save for your range partner trips, buy one different one.

You only got two eyes, two ears, and one trigger finger to last you your one whole long life, protect em all as though your life depended on it, cause it does.


I just got these they are 30 DB. > Impact Pro.

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** Unisex

Tentacle tinnitus blocking earplugs ( 31 DB )


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