Economically managing your ammunition---your protocol

I am reducing range time to zero for now.


Yeah, I was thinking about going that route myself, but with so much time off from work and the range being closed to the public (RSOs can still use the range) it seems like a shame to waste the opportunity.


I’d hate to be in a situation several months down the line wishing for that box of ammo back.


I am going to cut down some range time. I usually have the carry loads I swap out as part of practice, I think those will just accumulate for a while.


I normally go once a month. I’m not going at all until the worry of zombie apocalypse is past.

When I go, I look at my log and usually shoot the same ratio of ammo that I have in stock .22lr/9mm. My ratio stays the same as stock is depleted.

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I participated in a half day firearms training on Saturday at Knob Creek Gun Range, AKA Syria, and tossed about 250 rounds downrange. On Tuesday, I was at Shoot Point Blank and was working the 9mm carbine for head shots from 15 to 25 yards and shots with a hostage from 7 to 25 yards. About 100 rounds on Tuesday. I got a new Glock 19 on Thursday and put another 150 rounds downrange on Friday to make sure my sights were on target. That’s about 500 rounds but definitely not a typical week.
I have about 2500 rounds of ball ammo available and hope to keep up my regular protocol of at least every other week at the range. I will replenish when I get down to 2000.


I enjoy the crafting part of the reloading process as well. I think we are largely saying the same things.


Normally those two go hand in hand. I have a minimum number I’m comfortable keeping on hand (in the event of SHTF, unexpected anti-2A laws, etc). I dont have an upper max number except for storage space and I’m at the limit of what I can keep around without the SO complaining about it :wink:

When I get close to that minimum number I buy enough of a buffer to keep me above the line “for a while”. I usually order online from places who keep their prices consistent (SGAmmo, LuckyGunner) so I know what X rounds will cost and budget accordingly.

However, due to COVID19 I wont be at the range for a while (all the ranges near me are indoor) so my stock is just sitting here and I wont need to order more buffer for a good while yet. I dont know what prices will look like when this panic subsides. I am a little worried about another 22LR shortage based on a couple recent videos from MrGunsNGear (2nd one linked below). The TL;DR is that ammo manufacturers will focus on filling orders for the more profitable common calibers like 9mm, 5.56, etc and the low profit-margin 22LR will be at the back of the queue.


They, like most everyone else these days, are out of ammo. It’s a tough time.

I’ll admit to keeping a goon box
A small collection of ammo I consider unsuitable for serious use for a variety of reasons—not dangerous of course, but no longer first quality either.

Off brand ammo purchased during a past shortage that leaves terrible soot deposits
A brick of .22 ammo that’s over 50 years old.
Waterfowl shells loaded with (illegal for hunting) lead shot.
You get the idea.
Not the sort of stuff I really want to shoot, but it’s there, taking up space.

I’ve taken advantage of the current ammo shortage to reduce this menagerie of misfits by adding it to my range fodder and the tactic has worked so far to help preserve my useful range ammo stock and doesn’t cost me a penny since I have long ago determined it to be a loss

range ammo and SD ammo for my AR are the same thing. For my EDC it gets a little thin. SD ammo in 9mm is like looking for unicorns. So I have a mag with hollow points and the rest is FMJ. gotta shoot what you have.