Easy peasy

We spent a weekend in LA visiting my daughter.
Centennial in a pocket holster in my right trouser pocket, speed strip with reloads in the left.
No one was any the wiser, even the LEOs and security guards I saw, even my bride and my daughter.
The Centennial stayed in my pocket the entire time. At bedtime I folded my trousers on a chair in arm’s length of the hotel bed so it was never out of my immediate control.
Lunch was at a rooftop “picnic” themed café, sitting on AstroTurf “lawn” with lunch served in a picnic basket. The Centennial remained concealed with no inclination to migrate out of my pocket.
Driving back home we experience car trouble in I-5. I had to get under the car to make a temporary repair and again, the Centennial styed put, well protected in it’s holster.

My Centennial is Stainless so it’s heavy for that breed, however I’m used to it and wearing suspenders(in this case) keeps my pants very secure. Much of the time I wasn’t even aware I was carrying

What I’m trying to say is, concealed carry shouldn’t be intimidating if you’re new to it.
Do your homework, explore your workable options , don’t keep touching your piece and pay more attention to what’s happening around you than fixating on that pistol.


You make a valid point that comfort with your EDC is essential. If you fiddle with it of adjust it or worry it you are going to show “signs”. If your EDC is too big and you flag you may get popped. Most humans today are too busy looking at their phones to notice you. That said if you are acting nervous about something (carrying a gun, being in a certain place, or any other reason) you may draw flies from those that are trained to notice.

Hell now’a days if you are not constantly on your phone you are an oddity. I’ve popped multiple people that were carrying simply because they weren’t nose deep in their phone and were casually on the look out. They of course saw me too. A slight nod of the head after meeting their eyes said “I see you being alert, I am too.”




We drove from 10 hours from Wisconsin to Tennessee stopping in Indian and Kentucky along the way. Mind you, we walked around for about an hour upon arrival. My wife and kids thought my EDC was in the vehicle lockbox. Easy peasy is correct!