Duty to inform if not the driver in a traffic stop?


So MI where I work is a “must inform immediately” state. For traffic stops where I’m the driver, I know what to do. But what if I’m a passenger? If I’m asked for ID, I’d inform… if the officer isn’t addressing me, as I’m the passenger, do I still have the duty to inform immediately? @Dawn can you ask the legal team?


Michigan Supreme Court ruled all occupants of a vehicle are considered “stopped” with the driver, therefore you must also disclose immediately.


That’s important to know, thank you.

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Might want to read the statutes more carefully. In most states where you have a duty to inform you have that duty anytime when contacted by LEO’s. That would mean driver or not you are required to inform.

It will be dependent on the exact wording of your statutes.

Personally knowing how LEO’s think even when not required I’m going to inform them so as to avoid ever having them surprised to find out I’m armed.

Cops surprised by guns tend to react immediately like it’s a felony stop which puts you at high risk of being shot.

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