Do you train proper reactions for unusual circumstances being at the Range?

Yes, I noticed some ranges have wider lanes and or taller partitions than others ranges.

For those new to going to a range, please remember that the semi automatic gun shooters have no control over where their casings fall/project out to, and there’s nothing they can do about that.

I learned the hard way to have good eye-wear and I like to wear a decent quality cap with a visor and long sleeves, tight color, to limit the distracting feelings of hot casings bumping onto me. I got used to it.

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Anyone who has arc welding experience understands that hot brass pales in comparison to hot slag jumping down your glove

Sometimes that is the best course of action. I have done that, too. However, I typically use that as a teaching moment as many that I have seen not using proper safety are new. Most of the time, the person(s) is appreciative of the assistance. I would rather they learn than continue being unsafe. It might not just be their life being saved. I have left a few times when the person(s) did not seem to want assistance or was clearly a long time shooter and not seeking advice. I also did what you did and informed the employee of the safety violations.