Do dreams reflect possible reality?

It’s actually Fight-Freeze—Flight now

I’ve been taught that dreams derive from you subconscious fears or joys (significant emotions?). I am convinced that humans have more impact on our universe than we realize. Atheist deny all of it, religious (depending on cult) only subscribe to the tenants of their own faith tradition. But I subscribe that we’ve only skimmed the surface. Only God in the end will make sense of it. I believe the Universe reveals hints of scientific evidence for belief in supernatural or extraordinary intelligent designer of it all. I’m Christian, not New Age. But if Hod is just a creation of man I still believe it’s connected to something much bigger than ourselves. That’s another mystery. I do believe in Jesus as my savior because of my many experiences involving spiritual visions from God. Several, not one or two. And I’m not crazy. I’m quite sane and very rational.


Perpendicularly parked in a parallel universe?

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I have nothing to say on the dream front, but on the topic of fight, flight, or freeze, see Amanda Ripley’s book “The Unthinkable Who Survives When Disaster Strikes and Why.” It’s fascinating.

I think I read that book. It was excellent. I taught my kids much of the good stuff, such as: if you’re sitting in a movie theater and it starts filling with smoke, don’t wait for someone else to leave; get on your feet and go!