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Self-defense encounters, either at home or on the streets, often begin and end in a matter of seconds. The recent church shooting in Texas had a start-to-finish duration of just six seconds. Six seconds. Think about that. If you are the sole individual involved, that leaves little time to make decisions in your own mind and implement an action plan. Now imagine that two or more of you are involved and that a successful outcome depends on knowing what the other(s) will do in various types of situations.

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If your spouse/significant is new to the self-defense lifestyle, how do you approach them to create a security plan for your home?

Well, start by adding my wife to my USCCA plan. All adults in our home, are now members of USCCA. She may not carry a gun(yet), but she does carry one of my knives. We also discussed that any object can become a weapon of opportunity, even the bumper of her car.


First they must understand- admit- accept that there are dangerous- evil- or just plain mean people out there that will hurt you and yours. Come out of the WHITE. You are your own first line of defense.
Nancy’s daughter has come around to asking about a pistol again, I sent her home with 3 copies of
CC Magazine. :crossed_fingers:


My wife does not like guns, she won’t even touch one. I try to gently talk to her about the dangers of the world. I mean obviously she knows because we watch the news, but seems to think it can never happen to us. I did at least get her to carry Pepper spray.