Dark Mode (USCCA App)

I’m guessing it’s a phone thing as I keep my phone in dark mode and the USCCA Community app shows in dark mode.


@JustinK 's demonstration there would be very nice indeed on my Amazon Fire HD 10…

If your coder can do it, thank you.

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Can you point me toward that app? I’m not finding it in the Apple App Store.

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@Dawn may be a better source of info on that. I’m android so it’s the google play store for me. I do know it’s listed as the USCCA “Community” app on google play.

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I can’t even find it on the Google Play Store…now I wonder how I even got it😂

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Ok. Weird. Me either. Obviously got a link or something. Going to have to be a @Dawn answer. Sorry I’m of no help. :joy:

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Technically it’s not an app. It’s a saved bookmark. Check out this thread for details:

It’s got details on how to add the bookmark to your smartphone’s home screen. That bookmark will take you right to the Community in internet explorer your use.


I’m confused by this @Dawn. My USCCA has a separate icon in my apps list and in my phones app management area with it’s own permission, the ability to uninstall, and the ability to force close

. Also, it does not open a browser window or have internet address capability.


Did you get this squared away, @JustinK? If not, please shoot me a PM and I’ll help you trouble shoot it - I missed this post when it originally went up. :frowning: Sorry about that!

Yeah, wasn’t really an “issue” for me so much as confusion. I definitely have an “app” as opposed to a bookmarked page in a browser, but you all had a long discussion about that in the link you posted. I’m not sure how I got this app format as I definitely am not adept enough to have done so intentionally, but I have it.

@Dawn @JustinK @Dave1

Wanted to bump this thread to see if there is an option, or plans, for dark mode (black or dark grey background vs white). It’s easier on the eyes as there isn’t a bright white screen and also shown to save battery on mobile devices because it takes less power by lighting up a smaller amount of screen real estate.

Linus Tech Tip on Dark Mode

The way it looks like an app is when it’s opened in a browser and then then it’s “save to home page”. Android makes it appear as its own app from that point on. It’s been a while since I’ve had an iPhone and I’m not sure if iOS works the same way.

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At this point, I haven’t heard anything about that change to the app. I will reach out to that team and see if they have any updates for me. :slight_smile:

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Great! Thank you.

@dawn Checking in to see if there are any updates to a dark mode (like night mode on your phone) availability for the community site.

Have you tried changing the settings for your web browser on your phone, @ScottH? As that is the only way I know of (outside of the Discourse app), that may change it for you.

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Hi @dawn I have all the dark theme options enabled. This is what the USCCA app looks like. To get the dark theme I think there may need to be some updates with the USCCA web app.

USCCA (light mode :bulb:)

Would be awesome to have the dark background with light text to keep my retinas happy when viewing in a dark room.

There are some updates coming which should help. I’ll check in with the tech gurus to see if there’s an ETA on the roll out.

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Looks like my Android just went to the dark side.

Edit: I didn’t change anything, just logged in on my phone.

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Yeah!! Woohoo I just received it. @dawn, you’re the best!


We are in the process of updating all of the USCCA sites - I couldn’t let the cat out of the bag the other day. :innocent: