[D]ANGER: If You’re Mad, Don’t Pick Up a Firearm | CCM

Everyone has hot buttons. As an attorney, I frequently have to deal with people with whom I disagree. Usually, the disagreements are of a professional nature: what a particular statute says or what a case stands for. But, sometimes, as with any other line of work, the disagreements involve unkind remarks. Having been the victim of my own intemperate remarks (judges really hate it when attorneys act badly), I know that ignoring insults and keeping it on the straight and level is the best choice. But, occasionally, I get really angry, and that is not the time to reach for a gun.

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A good read. I have only been in a few arguments and NOT angry ones, in my adult life. Even while carrying, and have NEVER even thought of drawing my firearm. I was attacked, Assault by Intimidation and the the wife during the event was Assaulted by Contact. Even as heated as this was I did not even consider drawing a firearm.

Great article and reminder about the importance of internal work, especially in these trying times. There are a number of good reads out there about meditation or mindfulness in the gun world, helping to slow anger and become a better shooter. Some good ones:

Having a CWP does not give you the legal right to use your firearm. I have been carrying since 1966 and have never drawn it in a self defense situation. I was trained in the Military, US Army Infinitary, and so I understand the term “Self Defense”. If you draw your weapon you best understand the term “Defense” as in Defense Attorney. If I was put in a situation where my life or other lives were in immediate danger, I would fight to the finish.


Ever since I started carrying I have been calmer. I noticed that it is really hard to get me angry now. Not saying I had a bad temper, but I never shied away from an argument or stood up when someone was threatening. Now is different. Without even thinking about the gun on my 5 O’Clock. Someone gets in my face I just naturally start talking my way out of the situation. It changed me without even thinking about it.