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Talk to any veteran law enforcement officer and he or she will tell you that from domestic disturbances to road rage, anger is the primary catalyst that escalates a simple disagreement into a violent encounter. And unfortunately, the results can be deadly.

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How do you keep your cool while carrying in frustrating situations?

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Sometimes, anger management problems can be corrected with supplements. 3000 MCG of vitamin B-12 daily has eliminated irritability and anger for some. There are others as well. Niacinamide is known to induce calm and tranquility. Tryptophan is good improving moods. Calcium with phosphorus (bone meal) is essential for general healing and moods. Eliminating process foods and artificial beverages greatly improves health and moods.

I know first hand that trivial issues that used to provoke me seem so silly now. They used to seem totally justified.



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We all have some kind of trigger that cause anger, but it a learned thing to control the anger and my be a medical thing like high blood pressure, if so take your meds it helps control anger and if you carry anger control is a must.

  1. Just as training is necessary for self-defense, training is also necessary for anger management.
  2. Become aware of your mood. The psychological term is metacognition. When you become emotionally aroused, there should be a cool, rational self that observes and says “I am very angry, right now. How should I deal with this?” Internal “situational awareness”.
    The best warrior remains in cool control of himself, observing, judging and then reacting.
  3. Go to church. Regularly, The answer is there.
  4. Zen meditation WILL help you become the master of yourself, and clear your mind.
    Get some training and then resolve to sit.
  5. It is called “mindfulness”.
  6. Martial arts training can also help you to learn how to master yourself. As well as enhancing your ability to defend yourself.

Love that terminology!

Everyone finds their mindfulness differently, but you make great suggestions, @Barnaby and @jerry52 ! Martial arts worked well for me at one stage of my life, as did organized religion, and meditation. And chemical imbalances are important to address and may be as simple as supplements - but there’s no shame in having that imbalance. Finding out how to manage it is key!

Internal situational awareness is so important! Great points!

Welcome to the Community, @Barnaby and @jerry52

John made a very good point, keep your cool, life is too short and too risky to let some jerk who is more than likely not having his cup of knowledge overflowing, bite your tongue and let things go.

On the flip side, I am a firm believer that some people just do not know that they are a$$ holes, and they will continue through their life unless someone shows them for the fools that they are or how will they ever know? It’s easy if the jerk is also short, fat and weak, but if the guy or girl is big and strong you need to be quick with a good response to inform them, for their own good, what a jerk they are.

Keep in mind that most bully’s are chicken and if you are willing and able to come to the defense of an old woman or a child or whomever, you are in the right and in the long run you are also doing the jerk a favor by giving them feed back as to how their behavior is seen by others. It’s a risk, armed or not. The way I see it is I have standards which I live my life by, I do not lay hands on others and others will not lay hands on me, I do not insult others and I will not allow others to be insulted in my presence.

All cops have been trained how to escalate a confrontation without giving up their shield of protection, we as concealed weapons people are not cops, but there are ways to correct an angry person and not be the aggressor, you are defending someone weaker. Never confront anyone unless you are very sure that the other people around you are equally offended by the jerk, and then watch your back.

You have to have standards to live by, it’s called having a back bone, no one has the right to abuse others and make sure you are not the one who is abusive.

Semper Fie

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I just let things go. If you’re gonna carry a firearm you have too. When I’m on the road if someone gives me the middle finger I just shine it on. Many people do that just to get a reaction or because they just don’t care.

I’ve had my handgun on me multiple times and the thing that scares me is seeing how far others around me can carry their anger about something that doesn’t even concern me. I was at a grocery store once and there were 2 guys in the checkout line next to me who were getting in a very heated argument over something stupid. I looked at my friend Dawn and said let’s get out of here right now. She said I agree I’m with ya. And the cashier was totally oblivious to the whole thing! I said you might think about calling the cops here.

Nothing minor is worth losing your temper. I used to have anger issues but after a bit figured out it wasn’t getting me anywhere but for a early grave. Now when I am driving and someone is tailgating or not using their turn signals I just sigh. And now having a CCW it really made me think about my actions. now just about the only time I get mad is when the cats wake me early on my days off. Just have to roll with the bad times.