CTA employee arrested after man shot at 95th Red Line station


“ CTA said the employee was working as a customer assistant” who forgot that the customer is always right.

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“One of the men walked away and tried to go down a set of stairs. Police said that’s when the employee shot him three times”

In Utah, you CAN NOT shoot a person that is retreating. A person in retreat is no longer considered a threat.


We provide helpful information here and seek the right thing to do. I think it strengthens our community. At a USCCA free legal seminar, this topic came up. I was glad it was talked about, knowing the local laws so we do the right thing and also help keep our own selves out of legal woes. Heard this story on the news, “lots” of troubles, on multiple counts.

I noticed USCCA came out with a part two of this book (In Vol. 1, each chapter was about a 30 min. read):


That wasn’t even act of self defense. :zipper_mouth_face:

Don’t read posts, just watch video.

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That CTA employee makes the rest of us look bad. The altercation was not in his lane, he didn’t fear for his life. Game over for him. Shooting someone in the back, is the end all! I don’t think there’s a scenario where shooting someone in the back is justified!

Unless bad guy with gun, in store clerks face, declaring he’s going to kill said clerk, maybe you can stop the threat from behind! Optics are not going to look good unless there’s audio on that video! We can ponder all the “what if’s” till all the AOC’s come home. But we’ll never know unless we’re in those shoes at that very moment!!

That story is a little short on facts, for all we know CTA employees wife and children were being held hostage on the lower level??? That’s what the two men were arguing about! I wasn’t there!

Confident I could make this shot, do I take the shot? The clerks face and body language says “I’m gonna die”.
Do I save a life or be a good witness at the funeral?
Years ago it wouldn’t be a second thought (hesitation kills), today…I don’t know, but one life is surely at stake! These are bad times! For both the clerk and me. These days perpetrators are free to go!

I realize I veered off course, but it reminded me of the first chapter of the book “Should I Shoot?” Vol. 1