Correct way to remove a squib?

This info has not been needed by me yet (thankfully), but I was reading another thread about people who have experienced squibs, and it got me wondering about which end of the barrel on my semi auto it should be removed from. Does it make a difference in this situation?

Thanks in advance for your replies!


It depends where the projectile has stuck.
Usually it sits close to the chamber, so you tap it from the muzzle side towards the chamber. I personally prefer this direction regardless where the bullet sits, because the nose of the projectile is harder than its back and it’s easier to tap it back.


No matter where it’s stuck I would think that the only direction you can go is back the way it came because it was stuck it ain’t going forward any.


It depends.

Ideally from the breach towards the muzzle.

In reality, the direction that allows you to get it unstuck. From the muzzle tends to be easiest with a brass rod

JMO but I’m not a gunsmith


there is the way how not to do it :joy:


Uhh that’s not going to end well!

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“INOPERABLE” is an understatement!


Had to deal with a squib from a factory round on my friend’s firearm. It was roughly in the middle of the barrel. We clamped the barrel in a vise and did not make much headway pounding from the breach towards the front. We decided to drill slowly through the bullet. Once we had a hole through the bullet, pounding it out was easy.